October 05, 2010

Drool-worthy: NAKED is gorgeous!

Hello makeup fiends,

Thanks to a darling friend here, I have managed to get my hands on this gorgeous, gorgeous palette - Urban Decay: NAKED - and it was drool at first sight.

And of course, what's a great palette if not to share (and tempt)? More photos after the jump.

The palette features 12 beautiful natural shades. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Review in due time, of course.

So tell me if you're not drooling over the keyboard right now.


plue said...

if this is a blush, i'll be drooling. since it's not, i'll be a good girl and just look at it. no, not with dreamy eyes. LOL.

but really, it's a very pretty palette! and i think very very versatile too!

Kahani said...

I've been trying different combos everyday for the last 3 days! And taking shots of course. =P

Syen said...

plue: Hahahaha... good for you. =P

Kahani: I'm still petting mine for a little while more before I dig in. =)

Arhani Daforcena A.K.A Hanny said...

This was not at Singapore when I was there yet... T.T (About the Hari Raya holidays)


aisyah De Cullen said...

I drooled weeks ago..and I still am..
darn empty pocket!

Jenn said...

So beautiful!!! :O~~

How's the color payoff?? :D

Connie De Alwis said...

*wipes keyboard*
NO! I don't need 12 more neutral colors!!!

ksuan said...

Ohhhhhh man >< That is one hot mamacita of a palette.

Must. Resist. Sephora's siren call.

Kahani said...

Jenn: The colour payoff is stunning.

Connie & Ksuan: But they're all in one pallette for ONLY RM133 (if you get it from the UK)

ksuan said...

Kahani... don't tempt me! ><

Syen said...

Connie & Ksuan: Yes you doooo... MUAHAHA. =P

ksuan said...

Syen, you is evil... evil. Darnit.

Will scope out Sephora Singapore one of these days to see if they carry it, although to be honest I haven't spotted it on the shelves thus far.