October 28, 2010

Review: Anna Sui Spot Concealer

Despite its name, this isn't specifically for blemishes. Most spot concealers contain salicylic acid or some form of acne-fighting ingredient making them inappropriate for use around the eye. However, in Anna Sui's case, they mean spots as in dark spots and it's been great for concealing my undereye circles!

When I first got this for review, I have to admit I was apprehensive. Like all Anna Sui cosmetics, it's quite strongly scented (but not overwhelmingly so) of rose. It also contains the dreaded (for me) ingredient, dimethicone. But as that only affects me in certain areas and in high concentrations, I figured I could get away with it under my eyes.

For something so lightweight I found it quite pigmented. It does what it promises, lightens up "dark spots" without being shiny or shimmery. The does-foot applicator is more handy for dabbing it on than for blending it out. Wish they'd put it in a tube, I can see how getting the final drops of this out of the Urban Decay Primer Potion-like tube is going to be challenging...

I have it in shade 2 which happens to be an absolutely perfect match! I dab on about 4 dots in a C-shape under my eyes with the does foot applicator and blend out with the damp sponge wedge I used to apply foundation.

Sorry no pics as I'm always in a tearing hurry in the mornings where my undereye circles are dark enough to be dramatic. But do check out Connie's marvelous review.

At RM83 it's not a bad buy, though I'm not sure I'll purchase it when this one runs out. I'm too easily distracted! Still it's great to know there's something that works for me if I ever run out of new ones to try! ;)

Meanwhile, take a gander at a little pretty something that's typically Anna Sui. ParisB thinks it's a great stocking stuffer. Personally, unless you're nuts for things like this I can't justify spending RM73 on this mobile-phone lip gloss charm.

Shade 2 is pretty, and I haven't swatched it but I can tell it's sheer with much sparkles. 

The Anna Sui Rouge V is LE and retails at RM72.


Connie De Alwis said...

It's not too bad la. I quite like it for regular use but not so much if I want higher coverage

xin said...

it somehow reminds me of the maybeline concealer which almost looks like this too. but only at 1/4 of the anna sui price.