October 29, 2010

Looks: Purple + taupe eye

So last weekend, I was in Singapore to attend a friend's wedding.

Between running after two young nieces, and running around town to shop a bit, it was rather a whirlwind of a lovely weekend!

Anyway, I thought I'd share an EOTD with you lovelies on what I did for the wedding dinner.

I had decided to go with a trusted and much-loved purple and black cocktail dress. And so I decided to have something somewhat similar for my eyes.

(Apologies, but this was the only shot I had of myself the entire night! I decided to crop my friends out, out of respect for their privacy. In my haste, I forgot to take any face shots.)

A few close-up shots of the eyes:

It doesn't look too much when my eyes are open, but you get a better look of the eyeshadows in the following photos.

I'm not sure if you can really see the purple shade (Trax), but it's there! This look was quite easy to create and didn't take me too long to get everything put together.

And these are what I used to create this look:

1. SN Eyefix (not photographed)
2. Estee Lauder Shadow Creme in Silver Leaf
3. MAC eyeshadows in Style Snob, Trax and Smoke & Diamonds (gorgeous shadows, all three!)
4. Shu Uemura eyeshadow in ME Brown 850 (legendary shade)
5. Cyber Colours black eyeliner
6. The Body Shop Shimmerwaves in Blush (used the lightest shade as highlighter)

As for my face, my skin was actually behaving rather badly, what with breaking out, and flaking. But I am glad the foundation and concealer worked their magic well enough for me.

And just in case you're wondering what I used for the rest of my face, I used:

1. Max Factor Colour Adapt Skintone Adapting Make-up in #75 Golden
2. ZA Concealer Perfection in #2
3. ZA 2-way foundation in #22 as powder
4. Cargo Blu_ray blush
5. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Makeup aside, I managed to pick up a Charles & Keith handbag for myself. It was a model which I'd been trying to get my hands on forever, so it was a particularly fantastic treat. But I think the best pressie I got from Singapore must have been this.

A drawing for me by my 6-year-old niece. Love!


Jenn said...

Oohhh thats a pretty look!!! Smoke and Diamonds is one of my favourite eyeshadows too!! :D

Do show us your bag!! And oh, your niece is such a good artist!! :D

Tine said...

Ooh that's a nice look :)

PS: Yeah, show the bag!! :D

Connie De Alwis said...

Awh, your nice is sweet :)
Great look btw! Taupe's like the IN color now. hee hee

AskMeWhats said...

The drawing of your 6 year old niece is too cute!

Love your eye shadows done very well! :)

Syen said...

Thanks ladies! Alrightey, will show bag when I get the chance.

Connie: I knooow. And taupe is a shade I am so in love with! =D

Nikki: Thank you for the compliment!

And yes, my niece is uber sweet (even if she can be hyper at times... haha)! =D

beetrice said...

the bag, show the bag!! :)

your niece is so sweet..did you manage to do any other shopping while in SG?

Syen said...

Bee: Hehe... everyone wants to see the bag. But it's just Charles & Keith ler. Hehe.

I didn't do much shopping there. Bought the bag, and a huge bottle of the Dove Nectarine & Ginger bodywash. The hubs picked up a few G2000 shirts. That was about it. =)

Petra said...

Love the photo. You're really pretty, Syen.

gio said...

Your niece is so sweet!

Love the look, you look gorgeous!

Syen said...

Petra: Thanks babe!

gio: Aye, that she is. Thanks for the compliments!