November 02, 2010

At last, I have a hair salon: Hair Atelier

My reasons for being reluctant to get a proper haircut (not trim) are many. But mostly it was to do with being unable to find a reasonably priced hair-salon where I trusted the stylists and felt comfortable with them. Thanks to the Pantene Bloggers Tea Party, I was introduced to Hair Atelier and Tom, one of their creative stylists. There's Tom in the picture above, everyone wave and say, "Hi!". Oh fine. Don't then.

After a conversation with Tom, I was convinced that not only could we communicate in English (a rarer skill than you might guess) but that he had definite ideas about styling my hair that nevertheless wasn't creative-Nazi. For example, he didn't ask me to let him crop my hair very short in the back, keeping it long in the front and then dye it all a bright electric blue. Yes, a hair stylist really has pushed me to do that.

Also he acknowledged my hair was healthy and needed no treatments. Another rare thing in this industry.

So I trusted him to cut a foot off my hair - yep, a foot. He then graduated it slightly shorter in the front, and longer in the back. He also added light layers around the ends to add movement.

Then for the heck of it, he blew dry my hair with some curls. Just for fun. It's back to straight now.

What do you ladies think?

To have a creative stylist wash, cut and blow dry your hair in Hair Atelier will cost you RM60 if you have long hair, RM55 if it's just a trim / refresher. Depending on hair length, perms start at RM150, a relaxer starts at RM120 and a dye job RM125.


Foxy Frangipani said...

Me likes this new look of yours :D

Jess said...

Cool and affordable too! Which outlet is this btw? I too in the hunt for a salon that is affordable, no pushy stylists (i have wavy hair and always been bugged to rebonding =.=) and I am excited when you said he speaks english! My cantonese is at its worst ever since coming back from abroad n more often than not, have difficulty to convey my ideas.

Kahani said...

Thanks Foxy!

Jess: It's the outlet at Jaya One.

Kimberly said...

U look amazing!! =)
And you should try blow drying your hair and adding the curls in as well, it really looks great on u!

Tine said...

I really like the curls. Gives your hair plenty volume, and *wolf whistle* sexiness :P

Kahani said...

Thanks Kim! I tried. I failed. Bool... may have to invest in an iron one day.

Tine: *rotfl* Thanks sweetie...

Connie De Alwis said...

I love what Tom did with your hair! Ahh.. after the hair coloring incident, I don't think I can call Hair Atelier "mine" :-/ but I definitely liked the cut. My hair's already growing out to be flippy though but it doesn't look bad