November 01, 2010

Monday's Beauty Roundup: Oct 2010

Right. It's NOVEMBER already.

Another month or so, we'll be celebrating Christmas. And then it'll be New Year. And then it'll be 2011. Another year.

I don't wanna grow up. Sigh.

Anyway, while I sort out my Ihavegottobeagrownup issues, here's what the ladies have been up to in Oct.
  • Thinking of foraying into pricey haircare? Paris dishes her thoughts on a RM200 hairmask.
  • I don't need more makeup brushes, but it's not stopping me from drooling over Nikki's flat-top kabuki.
  • Hot guys on a gloss? Connie loves her some surfer dudes.
  • Need a new shampoo? Jenn's Holy Grail with Camelia Hot Oil might be worth a peak.
  • Get all up close and personal with Xin, while she takes you on a gunk-fest.
  • I've been wanting me some liquid foundation, and it would seem that Yani is too!
  • Beetrice went out and had her makeup splurge of the year on a mighty fine lipstick.
And now, for some eye-candy.

As requested, here's the pic of the Charles & Keith bag I picked up in Singapore. It's an old model that I believe has been relaunched (wise of them, since it was so popular).

I had first bought this bag in Coral (a tan shade) months ago, but it was snatched while I was in Bangkok. Been trying to get my hands on it ever since, and had pretty much given up until I spotted it again in Singapore. Picked it up in a shade called Navy this time for S$60.

It comes with short handles, as well as an adjustable longer strap so it's pretty flexible on how you'd want to carry it.

It's big enough for me to use my medium sized Lugmax bag organiser, and is able to hold quite a lot of my stuff.

Love love love!


Tine said...

Oooh that's a lovely bag. I like the short strap, and the flexibility of the long strap.

Good find!

Syen said...

Tine: Yesiree. I loves this bag. =D

Anonymous said...

Hi what a convenient bag, for travel and work. Can I know about how much you bought it, in Ringgit (or sgd).
Thanks :)


Kahani said...

Thanks Rebecca, I'll reply your second mail soon. I'm deleting your comment because I'd rather not have my private email addy published like that.