November 29, 2010

Monday's Beauty Roundup: November, 2010

Hello ladies!!!

Ho ho! We're on to the last month of the year now, and Christmas is just round the corner. Started you Christmas shopping yet?

Anyhoo. Have a look at what my lovely blogging sistas have been up to this Nov.
  • My Women Stuff: Paris shows us how to rock a green eye. And no, she didn't turn into a she-hulk.
  • Red Luscious Lips: Yani's skin woes are over after finding her skincare dynamic-duo!
  • Askmewhats: Want a contoured nose, but don't want to go under the knife? Never fear, Nikki has a simpler solution!
  • Prettybeautiful: Have bath oil, but no bath tub. Xin shows you how that's not a problem.
  • Lipglosseater: It's a sunblock, no it's a foundation. Jenn'll tell you what it is.
  • Beautyholics Anonymous: Want to paint your face red? Tine can show you how. And look absolutely gorgeous too. *grin*
And now to see what's been making my heart go pitter-patter.

Me thinks this Estee Lauder Holiday Extravagant Gold Eye Palette is gooorgeous. Someone pleeease tell me I don't need more brown and gold eyeshadows!

Been craving Outlaw for a while now, to add to my NARS blush collection.

Guess I'll be keeping an eye out for both while I'm in Bangkok as you're reading this! Wheee! *grin*

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