December 30, 2010

Brazilian Review #2: The virgin experience

So now you've read my review of Strip's Brazilian services, you're probably wondering what I think of the whole process. The reason why I separated the two reviews is because I probably will never go back for a Brazilian. But Strip did such a good job I didnt't want them to take the blame for it. Here are my reasons:

  1. As Angel pointed out, I have a "mini garden". Shaving once a week keeps things in check, it's painless and damned near free. 
  2. Brazilians hurt. Not much but I'm not masochistic unlike some (you know who you are) and I really don't need more pain in my life. 
  3. They're expensive. Shaving's free. Umm.. nuff said.
  4. I hate having to regrow hair FOR a brazilian. It's awful. When you're used to it being clean and bare being furry is distressing. I will say though that after about 4 weeks the regrowth seems finer and sparser than before. Which is great, but not really incentive enough for regular sessions. 
  5. Brazilians make me break out. NOT FUN AND NOT PRETTY.
So what do you do if your brazilian makes you break out?
This side effect is one of those things no one tells you about until it happens. Then you go online and find it's pretty damned common. GRRR!!

Even though I washed as soon as I got home, and kept the area clean and wore cotton panties and nothing tight... the breakout was pretty bad. Not going into details here, but let's say I freaked a little.

After going online, I immediately used a scrub with salicylic acid, loofahed it, and applied a clay mask. Then I alternated between the X'ed out cream and Benzac. Things soon started looking better and by the end of the week it was mostly clear. But come on. Who wants to go through all this drama for a week? Not me!

Despite the excellent service I received, brazilians are just not for me. Some girls can't live without them, but as shaving works great for me. I'm a-sticking with it!


Paris B said...

I did the salicylic scrub thing but didn't think of a mask. Its going to be weird with a mask there right? urgh. Yes the breakouts bit, I don't get and I'm not keen on repeating.

xin said...

ok, i think after reading yours it looks like Brazilian is a no-go for me. Am just too much of a chicken for pain....and also the frustration of regrowing hair :S

Connie De Alwis said...

haha, and I thought it was weird that I put oxy down there :p
Personally, I'd do it again but not frequently. It's been over a week and barely 1mm of hair has grown. Shaving gives me a lot more bumps.

kuri said...

Thanks for the analysis! I did a lot of research before my first wax, but you explained it all a lot more clearly.
Shaving is sadly pretty ineffective for me so I'd like to get waxing done regularly, but I don't really see the need for a full Brazilian wax :)
I think everyone in Japan gets permanent hair removal done, so waxing services are pretty difficult to find.