December 17, 2010

Le Dolce Vita ~


NARS Dolce Vita is a shade that needs very little introduction. Originally a lipstick colour, Monsieur Françoise saw it fit to extend this immensely popular shade over to the blush as well.

And boy am I glad he did.

Over the years, I've picked up both lipstick and blush, and they are just beautiful. Used together or apart, this cool dusty rose shade has never failed to impress me.

So let's take a closer look at the products, shall we?

Dolce Vita Lipstick (US$24)

I picked this up first a few years back in Hong Kong. Together with Sexual Healing, these two were my first (and only, to date) NARS lipsticks. Its texture is creamy and applies very easily. It's rather pigmented, but one which you can build up.

On my lips, Dolce Vita looks like my natural lip colour, but deeper. It's a beautiful shade that, all at once, makes me feel all grown up. It's a lip colour I'd wear for an interview or when I need to feel pulled together. It's me, just a tad more polished, if you know what I mean.

While some have said that NARS lipsticks can be drying, I wear all my lipsticks with lipbalm underneath. And so far, I have no complaints. It will last through a drink, but I'm not so sure about a full meal.

Dolce Vita Blush (US$26)

This one I picked up more recently. And man, it's one super pigmented blush. Even with my Ecotools short-handled blush brush (which doesn't really carry pigment as well as my MAC #129), this one packs a punch.

Just one swipe and I can see ALOTTA blush on my cheeks already. A liiiight hand works best here. Not one to slap on in the morning when you're late and flying out the door. Don't say I didn't warn you.

(Here I'm wearing both the Dolce Vita blush and lipstick. What you see on my cheeks are the results of one single swipe. I'm not kidding when I say it's pigmented. As for the lips, I'm not sure why it looks so bright in the photo. It looks a lot more natural in person.)

If you stare hard enough at the pan, you will notice some shimmer, but it's awfully mild compared its fellow counterparts. Unlike Orgasm or Torrid, this one ends up more glowy than shimmery, and should last you the better part of the day too. Unless you need to blot and slap on powder ever so often.

Both are great products, and great basics if you're looking for something cool-toned. I'm a NC25/30, but I have no problems pulling the colour off. If you're extremely fair, you might want to try the blush before purchasing just to see if it might be a little too much for your skintone.

Would I repurchase? I definitely would repurchase the lipstick, but as I believe the blush will last me forever (since I only need a liiiiittle bit every time), I highly doubt I'll ever need to buy a second.

NARS isn't available in Malaysia, but you can easily make your purchases here.

Verdict? Love them both!


Yani said...

Oh my goodness - you're making me want them so bad!

Connie De Alwis said...

I'd definitely consider getting the Dolce Vita blush. I've only ever tried it and I loved how it looked on my cheeks. Made me look kinda grown up but in a good way!
The lippie color looks gorgeous too!

Syen said...

Yani: Muahahaha.. Go get them then! They're good. Seriously. =P

Connie: Yea, it's a rather "grown-up" shade, isn't it? I think both lipstick and blush will suit you just fine. The lipstick looks rather natural in person. =)