December 16, 2010

Sparkly goodness: The Body Shop Nail Colour in 02 Twinkling Pink

I'm rushing this post because this is a limited edition product and I'm afraid it'll be sold out if I wait to review it. 

Twinkling is RIGHT. This metallic pink has silver sparkle and fine holographic glitter. In bright sunlight it's quite mesmerizing. It's, of course, quite hard to capture on a photo so I suggest you drop by a The Body Shop outlet and check it out for yourself! 
It's a cool demure pink made edgy by the metallic finish. It doesn't have great chunks of glitter  and really is quite a sophisticated take on bling. I think it's work friendly if your job isn't terribly strict bout dress codes.

One coat is slightly sheer but very pretty.  Two coats (pictured) is almost opaque. If you look closely you can still see the whites of your nails but you really have to eyeball it!

Also, TBS seems to have managed to produce the perfect nail polish. It dries swiftly and NEVER CHIPS. it's a week of hard use and it hasn't chipped at ALL. It doesn't need a top coat - and you shouldn't use one with sparkly nail polish as it makes it less sparkly. It sounds counterintuitive but twinkliness is a result of light bouncing off uneven surfaces. Top coats make the surface more even so light bounces a whole lot less. 

This is the more boring of the two available shades. Shade 01 Starry Night is GORGEOUS and I wanted to buy it badly but didn't think I could get away with it at work. Also, mom threatened to chop off all my "gangrene infected" fingers if I wore it. Read Jenn's post - it made me buy this bottle the DAY I read the review! At RM22 for a tiny 5ml bottle, its actually rather pricey (OPI is about RM50 for 15ml) but the price point is accessible. Good marketing, TBS! 


Askmewhats said...

Quite similar to the Stage nail polish that I got as gift! *winks* well base on photos only :)

Kahani said...

Yeah the photos don't do it justice. Would that be the Stage polish called "Pretty"? This is SO MUCH sparklier!! =D And no chips after a week. Stage can't do that.

xin said...

its so pretty!!!! love the shade of pink too!

xin said...

hey u know what? I wanted to pick this up, then I passed by OPI stall...and i bought the katy perry's Teenage Dream! Also glittery pink!