January 14, 2011

Going Red...

Tis the season to be going red, it would seem.

When the makeup blogging sorority here in Kuala Lumpur decided to meet up (over sushi) at the start of this year, there was but one rule - RED lips, missy.

And apparently, the lipstick I whipped out didn't quite make the cut. I didn't get booted out though, fortunately, thanks to Plue's Maybelline Summer Sunset, which was RED on all accounts.

A few days later, two red lipsticks came home with me. Yes. TWO.

Because I'm obsessive like that.

Revlon Matte Really Red (left), and L'Oreal Strawberry Juice (right).

So, there you have it. My first foray into reds. What do you think?

PS: By sheer coincidence, Tine is also now dabbling in red-ism. *winks*


Nadia said...

Everyone's found their perfect red lippie! I still can't find mine :(

You look real nice with this shade, btw.

Askmewhats said...

that's a gorgeous color on your lips! Works so well on you!

Petra said...

Syen, care to do a compare and contrast post of you new red lippies? Admiring the second Loreal's packaging - real pretty.

Tine said...

That's such a lovely look on you! Bright lips sure brighten up the face :P

Syen said...

Nadia: Hahah.. thanks! Although that wasn't even my lipstick I was wearing. I'm sure you'll find one that looks lovely on you soon enough. See you around more!

Nikki: Thanks dearie!

Petra: I'm sure I'll get around to it soon enough. But just an executive summary (as the hubs would say) for now - Really Red is VERY red and pigmented, Juicy Strawberry is VERY sheer and "juicy" looking. =P And yes, I love L'Oreal's packaging too!

Tine: Thank you! They sure do.. =)