January 17, 2011

Monday's Beauty Bits: Drugstore Prowling!

Happy Monday babes!

Okay, maybe your Monday isn't so happy, but hopefully some of these info will brighten your day up a little. Mine could use some cheering up too. Meh.

  • For those of you who've been cursing ZA for discontinuing their 2-way foundations (regular and True White range) *cough me cough Kahani cough*... perhaps ZA has indeed heard us? A zoom through Watson's and Guardian yesterday saw HEAPS of True White range refills, albeit in a new packaging. Product details looked the same though. Price: RM33.90 for refills.

    (For those of you wondering why we can't just be content with the new Skin Beauty 2-way foundation with hyaluronic acid, the answer is - Nope. Tried it, doesn't work as well. I oil up way too soon compared with the old formula.)

  • Revlon and L'Oreal have new lipglossies/lipsticks! An example of the L'Oreal lipstick can be seen here. I had picked up Juicy Strawberry (sheer red), and Shiny Grapefruit (sheer warm peachy-pink) and I'm loving 'em. Price: RM39.90 but both drugstores are on CNY sale now, aren't they? *grin*

    Revlon instead has new Colorburst glossies. Check them out here.

  • And oh, while I was a-prowling, I zoomed through the makeup counters too (but of course), and guess what? Benefit's Full Finish lipsticks (new packaging) are now available, if you've been looking out for them. I would personally recommend shopping online at Benefitcosmetics.com for them though. Because you'd be paying US$18 (RM55), as opposed to RM75 (if I remember correctly) over the counter.
And speaking of Benefit... I'm in love with their latest blush offering!

Ain't it pretty? Yes ma'am, reviews in due course!

Cheerios ~


Tine said...

I ordered my Bamba along with a lot more stuff from Benefit (it was a shared order) almost a month ago and I still haven't received it >.<

Syen said...

Tine: Oh boo. But it should be on the way. We had to wait quite a while for ours too. =(

PS: Did you receive the parcel we sent? We're not sure if that's gone MIA. Oh dear...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was the thing causing me those little bumps on my face when i tried the ZA skin beauty foundation sample.. so it was hyaluronic acid, same case as hada labo SHA. ZA shld keep their regular and true white range cos there are ppl allergic to hyaluronic acid!


Kahani said...

Syen: Ooh you're right dear, your product photography is fantastic now. =)

Mandy: It could be the increased dimethicone content. That's MY problem. *sighs*