January 13, 2011

Good & Bad Posietint Dupes: 2True Lip & Cheek Tint & Etude Fresh Cherry

On the left you see my battered, empty bottle of Posietint that I bought over 2 years ago from the UK. I figure anything I can use for 2 years and use up every single drop needs replacing. So I recently hauled one from the US with the girls. But even when buying from the US spending RM98 doesn't exactly make me happy. So I shopped around for cheap dupes while I was waiting for the new Posietint to arrive. 

The two I tried were 2True Lip & Cheek Tint & Etude Fresh Cherry Tint in Shade #2
2True is a budget English brand that I got a friend to bring back for me. At only GBP1.99 I figured it was worth a shot. The bottle is glass, like Posietint, as is the nail-polish-like brush.

When I first hauled the Fresh Cherry Tints in Shades #1 and #3 this one was sold out. So when I found them back in stock I not only bought one and a backup for myself, I bought some as Xmas gifts. I'm now known as the crazy Tint lady there. It's only RM25.90 each and comes in a handy plastic bottle with a dove-wand applicator. It's not recommended for use as a cheek tint but is perfect for lips.

(L-R) 2True, Posetint, Fresh Cherry
In terms of shades, 2True is a violent, chalky NEON pink. Posietint is bright warm pink and Fresh Cherry is a milkier pink that's just a titch cooler than Posietint.

(Top - bottom) 2True, Posietint, Fresh Cherry
Once sheered out though, Posietint and Fresh Cherry are nearly identical while 2True takes a lot of smearing and turns nearly transparent! Also the comparisons end there between the two because 2True is dreadful!

2True Tint
When layered it dries to a dry chalky hot-pink finish that barely lasts through coffee. It comes off on the balm I use over it, it comes off on the coffee cup - this is just not how a stain should behave! And worse of all it tastes absolutely dreadful. Now, stains aren't by nature yummy. But this one's so funky that it went straight into the bin after this photoshoot. Blergh!

Etude House Fresh Cherry
Truthfully, while fairly close it's no real replacement for Posietint. It'll last till lunch but will need touching up after. Also, it can't be used as a cheek tint (not by me, too much silicone). But it's so affordable and the cute plastic bottle is so handy I will keep this on hand for travel or just to tote around with me. Posietint's glass jar just makes me sweat at the idea!

Sorry it's still overexposed. I triiiieeeedd... 


plue said...

lol at the crazy tint lady! add in a grapefruit that'd be perfect! *grins*

me got your fresh cherry tint! but i can't remember exactly which colour you gave me, and I suspect I have the fresh cherry tint in my stash (yet to be found, think my sis took it), but not sure which colour.

rinnah said...

Time for me to try out the tint you gave me! I still don't have the hang of applying Benetint evenly, so maybe this pinky shade will be easier. LOL. :P

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