February 08, 2011

A day in doggie-sitting...

While Kahani has gone searching for her Aragorn in Middle-Earth, I volunteered to do a little doggie-sitting.

So I toted my beloved DSLR along and snapped shots of them while I was at it.

I'm quite sure Kahani doesn't mind me flaunting her precious babies, no? *winks*

More photos for your viewing pleasure after the jump!

Rocky, with his kohl-rimmed eyes. Isn't he gorgeous?

Toby absolutely hates the camera. Everytime I try to get a good shot at him, he just looks away. And he even tried tucking his head under the table to avoid me.

But ah well, the DSLR won in the end, though. *tee hee*


xin said...

ah rocky is so cute!

Syen said...

xin: Hehehe.. damned cheeky too. =P

Connie De Alwis said...

*hugs cute doggies*

beetrice said...

awww...sho kewt!! I wanna flip the doggie ears! :p