February 22, 2011

My Sweet Lips ~

Ooh la la.

I'm not really talking about my sweet lips. More like LUSH's Sweet Lips - a yummilicious vanilla and chocolate sugar lip scrub.

And friends, it smells divine!

Nothing really fancy about this little tub of scrubby goodness. If you feel like you've got really chapped lips (which I had a few hours ago), Sweet Lips really does help make it go away.

Just pick up a wee bit (I just use my finger), and very gently scrub your lips. The castor sugar can be a little abrasive if you rub too hard. You've been warned.

After scrubbing, leave the concoction on your lips for about half a minute to a minute to let the oils work their magic. Rinse off and pat dry. Voila!

(Oh, don't forget to rinse your sink or you might attract the antsies too!)

And of course, right after scrubbing, it wouldn't hurt if you would like to keep your lips happy with your favourite lipbalm. I just usually use this.

On the whole, it's green, it's affordable enough (~ RM23 for 25g) and it works absolutely great. What's not to love? Only that LUSH isn't in Malaysia.

That aside, it works out pretty sweet.

Have you tried?


xin said...

for a moment i thought you were going to talk about YOUR sweet lips :P i wonder when we will get lush here

Askmewhats said...

Same with Xin, I was expecting to see a gorgeous lips! :) :) :) This looks very nice, I have a feeling it does make your lips soft after application!