March 29, 2011

Instant love! - Esmeria Organics Prickly Pear Protective Body Lotion

It's not often I fall in love with a product at first use, but that's what happened with this. I received a tube for review last Friday and absentmindedly applied some on my right shin. A moment later I reached down to brush a fallen hair off my leg and... hang on... my skin was silky smooth. Like incredibly touchably smooth. I check my thigh and other shin... nowhere NEAR as smooth. Quickly, I grabbed the tube and slathered it on a minute later... everything was silky smooth. Could not stop err... stroking myself.. (Oi! Get your head out of the gutter!). 

The lotion's texture is somewhere between a lotion and a cream and a little goes a surprisingly long way. When applying it gets runnier and almost immediately sinks into your skin leaving no oily residue and (have I said it enough yet) bloody smooth skin wot! I've been using it daily ever since (I'm writing this review Monday night). As soon as I get out of the shower, I pat myself dry and apply. That was 8am this morning, and it's gone midnight now and my skin is still silky smooth! Now I don't have especially dry skin, but even for me this is amazing. 

It has a very faint, slightly sweet clean chamomile sort of scent. Not something you'll notice once it's sunk in. While (you know me) I'd love it to smell like a burst of fresh grapefruit, I love this formula so much, I choose it even over the remnants of my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.

Esmeria is also a super earth & critter friendly brand. It's CEO says the work place is dog-friendly and they don't test on animals, they test on themselves, friends and family. It's also Malaysian made (inspiring an unexpected burst of patriotism on my part), eco-friendly in packaging and contents and is the only Malaysian manufacturer to qualify for Eco-Cert.

Ingredients for the interested
Lest you think I'm raving too much I'll now start complaining a little. It's still a very hard to find brand - not that it's their fault, they're trying bless them. But only selected bits of the brand are available at selected Caring pharmacies and JustLife stores. They're signing on to Vitacare soon so hopefully we'll find it there. A tube is RM35.90 for 150ml which is actually kinda pricey for an unknown drugstore product, but take from me ladies it's worth it. If you can FIND it. I'll be checking out JustLife in Ikano when I have the time and hopefully I'll find it there. No luck with Caring in 1Utama just so you know... but they do carry its baby sister brand - Bud's Baby. 

EDIT March 31, 2011: Yup! Dropped by JustLife at Ikano Power Centre and they have the full range available. They even have trial / travel sets for Esmeria Skincare left. 

Now I see why ParisB describes the dry skin version of this lotion as "like the Holy Grail".


Eli said...

The local organic shops in Sabah just stopped carrying Esmeria because of low sales.

Caring Midvalley carries this brand but I haven't noticed the body lotion. Hmm....

beetrice said...

haven't tried the new packaging ones yet, but the old 'greeny organic label' packaged lotion for dry skin was awesome!

xin passed me a tube to try, and I totally fell in love with it... :p now I've got to hunt this down!

Paris B said...

Haven't tried this one but I'll take your word for it :D I'm always good for a good non sticky body lotion. I hate getting stuck to the floor/sheets/chair

p/s the one I like is discontinued boohoo!

Jasmine said...

Where can I find this in the UK!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

I have this in the office and it's an instant relief from dry air-conditioned skin :D