March 30, 2011

First Look: No. 7 & Poppy King Lipstick & Lipgloss Collection

This news snippet is brought to you with the help of my bestie in UK, Agent Honey Bunny. Special thanks to Whatsapp for allowing us to link up a Blackberry and an iPhone. Excuse the darkish pictures. There's only so much an iPhone can do.

Lipstick lovers unite! Poppy King, creator of cult Lipstick Queen, has created 8 lipstick and lipgloss shades for No. 7, the Boots in-house makeup brand. Released some time last week, I emailed my best friend in UK about it.

"It is," I wrote, "your duty to check them out and pick one for me."

"No problem!" she replied cheerfully. "Just tell me which swatches you want to see."

"Everything, of course," I told her.

An hour later, my Blackberry started blinking.

"I am at Boots!"

From top to bottom: History, Power, Glamour, Seduction,Intrigue, Confidence, and Allure.
Each lipstick has a matching lipgloss. Agent Bunny said that the glosses are much more pigmented than the lippies. The lipsticks are on the sheer side and she had to swatch twice to get the results you see in the picture.

Formula wise, the lipstick feels like lipstick but apparently the glosses are on the sticky side.

"What on earth is the difference between History and Power?" I asked. "They look the same to me."

"I can't tell the difference either. But Power is supposed to be raspberry while History is red. Allure is on the peach side and I can't tell the difference between Confidence and Intrigue."

From top to bottom: History, Power, Glamour, Seduction,Intrigue, Confidence, and Allure.
According to Agent Bunny, the only shades worth getting are History, Power and maybe Allure. Power was already sold out at the Boots she visited so it seems to be the most popular shade in the collection.

We have no idea if this collection is a limited edition release. Hopefully not as I am hoping to get one of these. The sheer formula sounds quite similar to the Lipstick Queen Saints range so it would be interesting to compare it again my favourite Saint Rust.

Agent Bunny is frankly doubtful if it's worth paying full price for the lipsticks in this range as the packaging is smaller and slimmer than other lipsticks.

The Poppy King for No. 7 lipsticks retail for GBP 12 while the glosses are priced at GBP 11. If any UK readers picked one up over the weekend, leave your comments and share!

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