March 14, 2011

Monday's Beauty Chat: Your Daily Makeup Needs and Nots

Hello lovelies,

I thought it'd be great to kick-start this week with a little chat.

And this time, on what's an absolute must-have for your daily makeup, and what products do you hardly ever need at all. For some of you, daily makeup might be as basic as just lipbalm, while for others, it could include the whole routine of slapping everything on, right up to the fake lashes.

So, I want to know what your daily makeup routine is like. What do you absolutely need, and what do you not need?

Wanna know mine? Right after the jump!

My absolute must-haves (after my powder foundation) include blush, lipbalm and lipstick. I'll slap on eyeshadow if I have time. Otherwise, it's really basic.

Products I hardly ever use... mascaras and falsies. The only time I've ever worn falsies so far, was for my wedding dinner!

What about you?


Also. I think I got my blush mojo back. I want these!

MAC Pink Cult blush (Jeanius Collection). I've only been hearing raves and raves and raaaves! And I really REEEEALLLY want this blush. I mean, look at her! (Btw, last I checked, eyeshadows from this collection have hit Malaysian shores, but no sign of the blushers yet. Boo!)

Well, not the whole set. Just the Illuminating Bronzer in Peony. So pretty! Any idea if it's reached Malaysia, anyone?


SakuraCupcakes said...

My must-haves for my daily routine is eyebrow pencil/powder, foundation, and mascara. I want that Jeanius collection blush as well! Looks soo pretty. Take care!

Sprinkled! said...

Mine are foundation, sunblock, eyebrow pencil & lip balm. i've never use falsies before, altho i fancy those more elaborated ones (feather, stones), just that i dunno where i can go with those things! :D

ksuan said...

Mine are moisturiser (cannot leave home without it), mascara, and loose powder, even if I choose to go without liquid foundation. :) On sunny days, I don't leave the house without a bit of SPF30 slapped on :D

lynne said...

Mine would be pencil eyeliner, bronzer or blush and foundation / bb cream. And damn I want that bobbi brown bronzer too!

Chien Yee said...
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CY said...

Mine are, blush, then eyeshadow, mascara and foundation.
Sometimes I use fun eyeliner colours in place of eyeshadow.
And if I wear any eye makeup at all (even if it's just eyeliner), I always, ALWAYS use my precious UDPP :D

Connie De Alwis said...

Bare minimum for me would be eyebrows and mascara. They make the most difference, in my opinion.

Ooh, I have the pouch! :D I really like bobbi's cream eyeshadow. Been a work-day staple lately

Syen said...

Heya ladies! Thanks for all your feedback! =)

Jasmine said...

Sorry if I'm late to the party! Okay. I really need concealer for my acne scars and dark dark eye circles. A little bit of coverage after that to even out my skin redness is great. And eyeliner. That's what I do every day without fail.

I don't need anything else! :) I feel more shy with more make up on if anything.

Anonymous said...

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