March 04, 2011

Review: MAC Style Snob

Hello Friday!

Lately (on days when I actually wake up early enough to slap on more than just blush and lipbalm), I've been wearing eyeshadow.

And among the many, many eyeshadows I have amassed over the years, I find that I've been reaching for this one fairly frequently - MAC Style Snob.

And so I thought it would be good for me to share my thoughts on it. Here goes!

MAC Snob to me, is a gorgeous taupe-y brown, and a fantastic crease shade. More often than not, all I need is a little bit of a base shade (I used this yesterday), with Style Snob as a wash over my lids and I'm done!

It works well, both on its own and when used with other shades. It's very neutral and very work appropriate, in my opinion.

Texture-wise, it comes in the Starflash finish and it's soft and pigmented enough to be easily picked up with a brush. It applies beautifully, and blends easily with other shades too. It's very shimmery but I do love shimmer, so no issues there.

One slight problem though. Style Snob was an LE from the MAC Love That Look collection which was released around July 2009, and I don't think it's been back since. However, the good news is, there is always eBay and the likes.

(Style Snob on the left, with another hugely popular taupe shade, Smoke & Diamonds, from the same collection.)

It's also said to be a lighter version of the permanent Satin Taupe, so you might want to take a look at that too.

(With Estee Lauder Silver Leaf as a base, and Style Snob as a wash. Please do pardon my awful brows. Been too busy to keep them in check!)

It is worth it? I believe very much so. I love this shade.

PS: How much did this cost me? Oh dear, I haven't bought a MAC eyeshadow for so long, I can't even remember how much one costs, but it should be priced the same as their permanent range.


Crystal Gan said...

The MAC eyeshadows have recently increased in price. It is now RM60 per eyeshadow pot.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the review! I kinda regret not getting style snob because its such a versatile shade!! :D

I LOVE my smoke and diamonds to death though... i've been using it very often lately! :D

Askmewhats said...

I think I have a similar shade of this from Bobbi brown but I can't really tell if its really close or just because of photos?

Overall it looks really good for daily makeup :D

Petra said...

Aiyo Syen. You're going to turn me into a cosmetics thief by night!

Syen said...

Cystal: Thanks for the update! =)

Jenn: Ooh yea.. I love my Smoke & Diamonds too! It's awhsum!

Nikki: Yeaps. It is! =)

Petra: *tee hee* As long you don't steal MY Style Snob... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi I liked this colour but is it a limited edition because I cannot see it on the net.

Rita G. Howell said...

Great review! Keep it up! Your blog is awesome!