April 05, 2011

For the love of a Boy ~

It comes as no secret that Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in Boy was named after Capt Arthur Edward "Boy" Capel, the great love of Coco Chanel.

And I had certainly had my eyes on the lipstick for months now. When the Rouge Coco Shines were finally launched in Malaysia this month, one Boy was mine for sure.

Boy is a beautiful shade of pink, which on my lips, can work for both warm and cool looks. It is balmy, very glossy, very shiny, and very, very sheer. If you're not one for sheer, glossy lipsticks, give this a miss. If you are, then this was made for you.

As it is so sheer, I believe it will look slightly different on different people, depending on how pigmented your lips are. On me (as I have slightly more pigmented lips), it ended up being a slightly nudey-pink, while on Kahani, it looked a little more of a fresh, neutral pink.

We were both examining Boy (and Elise, which I also picked up) over coffee, and Kahani exclaimed that it was a "your-lips-but-more-polished-and-perfect".

"Let's just put it this way.

"If I didn't know you were wearing Boy, I would still think it was a perfect shade of lipstick, and DEMAND to know what you were wearing," said she.

As can be expected with most balmy and sheer lipsticks, it doesn't wear very long. But I've never minded reapplying my lipsticks, and I certainly wouldn't mind it now.

A 3g tube will set you back RM90, but ah well, it is Chanel.

Anything for the love of a Boy, eh?


l y n said...

I love this too! It is such a pretty shade :-)

ksuan said...

I was torn between Boy and Monte Carlo, but ended up going for Monte Carlo in the end (mostly because I have too many pink lippies already, gulp)! :) Be interesting to compare our reviews, Syen ;)

Syen said...

lyn: It is, isn't it? Preeetty!

ksuan: Hello you! You know, I was so tempted to get Monte Carlo, but I was thinking I already have so many coral shades! Have you reviewed it? I'm tempted to get more Coco Shines, but still contemplating. =P

ksuan said...

Hello hello! :) Funny you ask, I just reviewed it! Go check it out ;)

And I do love my Monte Carlo. Boy was pretty too, and I liked a few others, but my wallet would not allow me the privilege of splurging any further after my Zara binge last week *ashamed*.

Syen said...

ksuan: Whooopsie. I just saw your post. Sorry! LOL. And oops. I think I got the shades a tad confused. Karla Sugar calls is "strawberry pink", but it does look like a-pop-of-colour sorta lipstick isn't it? Pretty!

The Undercover Gypsy said...

I went CocoShine shopping today. Boy was a bit light on me, but it really is hard to choose from the awesome shades, isn't it - I so wanted to scoop a bunch of them, but finally decided on Deauville - a brown, almost nude pink-mauve with a good deal of shimmer.

Paris B said...

Swiped Boy and knew I'd never get it because all I'd get on my lips is shine which i could also get eating oily char kuey teow :D Ended up with Antigone :)

Syen said...

Oh you ladies are killing me!

Gypsy: I've been eyeing and eyeing Deauville as well. May go into next round of Coco Shine shopping. LOL.

Paris: I saw Antigone too at the counter. But I can't recall the shade. Red? LOL.

Tine said...

RM90 in Malaysia? It's freaking $50 here.


I bought the Misia, but I might just go out and get the Boy too :P

Syen said...

Tine: Man, I don't feel so bad about the RM90 price tag now. LOL. And yes, Boy is NAISH. Just ask Kahani. She just picked up a tube too! =P