April 04, 2011

Monday's Beauty Bits & Beauty Links

So much as I adore Laura Mercier's Oil Free Foundation I've never lied about it being an utter b*tch to apply. Fortunately since the lovely stuff has helped my skin clear up, I can now get away with sheerer foundation + concealer. So now I add a drop of Clinique's DDMG and swiftly smooth on my new "tinted moisturiser" all over. Gorgeous finish and so much faster. Whee!

Also, my Lisa Eldridge addiction has paid off once again. She exfoliates her lips with a cotton bud and vaseline. I'll admit I have a dry-skin-on-lip problem and it needs regular exfoliation. Nightly experimentation has led me to conclude that this technique makes all the difference and that this lip balm from Japan is the absolute best one I have for it. Leaves my lips so much softer than either Vaseline or this Peach Scented Perfumeria version from Hong Kong.

Beauty Links

Nikki of Askmewhats recreated the Angry Birds characters on BOTH HANDS. How she painted with her left I'll never know. Respect!

Over at Pretty Beautiful, much as we love to learn about great products it's perhaps even more important to be warned away from dreadful experiences like the poor thing went through with Jari Spa. ParisB too hates the place. Stay away!

Speaking of lady ParisB, she's holding a massive giveaway to celebrate My Women Stuff's 4th anniversary! Huzzah! *pops champagne and throws confetti around* Perhaps her giveaway + work is keeping her so busy that she experimented and came up with the full-face-of-makeup-in-8-minutes technique. We bow before the sifu.

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