April 01, 2011

MAC Haul for Spring 2011

Bless me, it's FRIDAY. Sweet!

And now, just a little sharing I'd like to do. It would seem that I've been hauling quite a bit from MAC lately (over the past 3 weeks?).

More photos after the jump!

Frankly, I haven't been really thinking all that much about MAC in a while. Until a few weeks ago, when they released Pink Cult blush (from the Jeanius collection) and the new Sheen Supreme lipsticks.

And I went slightly berserk.

The moment I saw Pink Cult (left) here, I fell really hard for it. While Fleur Power (right) is a coral-pink blush I've been eyeing for a loooooong time. Ah well.

I also picked up (l-r): Sheen Supremes in Bare Again and Ultra Darling, and Sweetie lustre lipstick.

Have you hauled anything MAC lately?


Eli said...

Fleur Power looks pretty! There's only ONE MAC outlet here and its all the way at the other end of KK. Parking there is awful -- the bays are so tiny and awkward, it's impossible to get out of your car. I only wander into MAC when I am back in KL.

Connie De Alwis said...

I haven't been hauling from MAC. I wanted the Siahi Fluidline but I think I missed the launch and I can't find it now :( nevertheless, I do have a bag of new stuff to play with ;)

Syen said...

Eli: Oh yes, it is very pretty. And mighty pigmented too. =)

Connie: Aww.. there will always be more. What new stuff have you got? Tell! =P