May 29, 2011

Hello from Hong Kong!

This is more of a sneak preview. I'm not REALLY back yet (still too busy moving around)... just saying "Hi" and that I miss my beauty gal pals. =)

See that? That's the street I'm going to live in, by day (everyday) it's a street market. Unique huh?

I'm not fully moved in yet. Internet only arrives next Saturday and I don't willingly live anywhere without internet! So I'm moving in very gradually over the coming week.

My new place is lovely but tiinyy (as expected). So as there's no room for a dresser...

I used this window cubby hole as my makeup station. It's just the right height and full of natural light in the mornings.

 And if the day's a bit grey I have my pretty little Ikea lamp to help out.

The rest of mymakeup stash goes into the giant built in cupboard on the left.

You can't see the bed but it's juuust out of the frame. Heck, I measured and with the door open there's only 23cm clearance between the bed and the cupboard door. Plus there's underbed drawers. Great things to have but not so great if you want to put a table anywhere... so any other furniture in the room has to be light and mobile. Like Dave here, for my laptop.

Whatcha girls think?


Syen said...

Hey dearie!!! Yay photos! =)

Wow. It's a mighty cosy place you got there. But I do love how you utilised the window as your makeup station. Perfect optimisation (as the hubs would say). Just wondering though, can you still open the window for ventilation? Will it get too hot during the day for the makeup?

Kahani said...

Hey dear,

The window's frosted and not facing either east or west dead on so I don't think it'll get too hot.

And nope I can't open it, but I have huuuuge windows on the wall near my bed which can be. =) Besides the views are all crap.. literally. I look down on the roofs of neighbouring buildings and the people in them use the roofs as rubbish dumps. =(

Paris B said...

It reminds me of the apartment we rented when I went with my family last I was there! It was tiny but compact. I'm sure once you settle it, tiny or not, there's no place like your own place to call home :) p/s I love the view of the street!

Syen said...

Ah yes. HK views (looking down other people's roofs) aren't great. Remember when we went on a trip there? LOL.

Askmewhats said...

Thanks for the update! Wow, that's a great idea on putting up your own makeup place!!!

xin said...

though it is small, i think it would be cozy compared to living alone in a big space :P

Tine said...

Aww a cosy beauty nook :)

All the best in Hong Kong :)

Stephanie said...

Is that the road in Wanchai? It looks kinda like it! Kinda between Johnston Road and Wanchai Road. But of course you don't have to answer, since that might jeopardize your safety lol xxx

Kahani said...

Syen: Yes and I'm eternally grateful we did go on that trip!

Nikki: Thanks dear.

Xin: That's a positive way of looking at it. Less to clean too. =P

Tine: Thank youuu when you coming to visit?

Steph: Hehehe nope it's not that street and you're right am not about to disclose my location here.

l y n said...

Hi Kahani, That looks like a really cosy space you have there :-) Can't wait to see more of HK and the shopping, of course!

Nadia said...

Hi Kahani, you've found yourself a cosy place! I loved HK when I visited last March...Looking forward to your adventures in HK and hauls!! :)