June 01, 2011

Summer 2011: Soleil Tan de Chanel in Bronze Corail

It's Harvest Festival this week in Sabah and Sarawak. Kotobian tadau do tagazo do kaamatan, tanak negeri Sabah!)

I think there is an unwritten Law of Shopping which runs thus: "When you have nothing to buy and have no plans to buy anything, you WILL end up buying something -- something expensive."

Take two weeks ago for example. I dropped by the Chanel counter to pick up a lip pencil for my mother. It was just supposed to be a quick dash in and out as I had the item on hold for the longest time. I was chatting to the MUA, Adeline, when my eye fell on the Summer 2011 makeup collection. She followed my gaze.

"Pretty, right?" she commented. "We just launched it yesterday. Customers have been calling non-stop for weeks to see it has arrived. Some came in minutes when they heard it was here. Think we'll be sold out soon. Want to try?"

I sat, she demonstrated and I was conquered. I have a sneaking weakness for coral blushes and this particular shade made my cheeks look so pretty and glowy, I fell head over heels in love. The coral blush made my skin look like they were glowing from within.

"How many palettes do you have left?" I asked.

Adeline smiled. "Just two."

The Soleil Tan de Chanel powders happen to be a wonderful mix of bronzers, highlighters and blush -- three bronzer/ highlighter shades and one blush. The one I bought, Bronze Corail, is meant for darker and more tanned complexions. Bronze Rose, which comes with a cool pink blush and lighter shades for contouring, is meant for fairer complexions.

I wasn't surprised when Adeline mentioned that most of her customers fell in love with the coral in Brown Corail but ended up settling for the Bronze Rose compact instead. This set would be a lot more popular if the blush in Bronze Rose was replaced with the coral shade instead. The pink in Bronze Rose seems quite difficult to carry off while not everyone can use the darker beige shade in Bronze Corail. The coral should be flattering for most complexions, plus, it's bang on the whole coral-for-summer trend.

Happily, Bronze Corail is very wearable on my tanned skin so I didn't have to hem and haw for long. Maybe I should thank my stars for the way things turned out: If the coral blush was placed with the beige Bronzed Rose shades, I wouldn't had the chance to purchase this palette. It would have been sold out!

I couldn't get the coral tones to show up on the camera. It was cloudy when I photographed the swatches and powder so the photos seem a little washed out and the blush seems more pink than coral.

Take it from me though that the colours are quite pigmented and the powder is a joy to use. No trace of chalkiness at all and easy to blend in. Btw, the first bronzer highlighting shade has a lovely golden coral tint to it which makes for a rather interesting eyeshadow.

There is a technique to using this: Blend all three beige shades for contouring along your jaw line. Blend the first two shades to dust over your forehead, bridge of your nose, chin and the part of your neck which would have an Adam's apple if you were born male. The coral is used as a blush, of course, while the second shade may be used as a highlighter.

The beige shades can be used as eyeshadows as well, making this a really great travel compact. If you are willing to run the risks, that it.

The Soleil Tan de Chanel powders are limited editions for the Chanel Summer 2011 makeup collection and retail for RM 170. Pricey, but I have no regrets.

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Paris B said...

I've been eyeing this one! Thanks for the review. I'm not sure if I'd get it though coz I got the flight exclusive one (blush/highlighter). Decisions... decisions...

Nadia said...

Ahhh...what a beauty! Sigh...another temptation here comes...