July 27, 2011

Review: Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum Cleansing Lotion

Mandom Cleansing Lotion is one of those Micellar type cleansers. You know, some kind of special water which promises to remove your makeup, cleanse your face and leave it moisturised after use. It sounds like a godsend for the truly busy and the truly lazy.

I have been dying to try it out for quite a while. See, I belong in the former category of The Truly Busy and anything which promises to save me time immediately piques my interest. It seems so convenient: Just swipe and go. Perfect to use before exercise or while travelling. Since it's water, you don't have to worry about stickiness if it spills in your bag or on your clothes. The fact that Mandom Cleansing Lotion comes in large 300ml bottles for RM34.90 makes it much more appealing than cleansing wipes.

So how did it fare?

Not too well, I am afraid. I found it dismal as an eye-makeup remover as it left a mess all around my eye area. It couldn't even remove non-waterproof mascara properly and that was after patiently holding the cotton pad to my eyes for 2 minutes. Plus, it stung my eyes.

Thankfully, Mandom Cleansing Lotion fares much better in the facial cleanser department. 4 squares of cotton pads are sufficient for cleansing my face and neck. There were no foundation traces left behind either. Who would have thought that water could remove so much gunk?

Unfortunately, the Cleansing Lotion causes my skin to break out in cystic acne, even after double cleansing with Cetaphil. I have a suspicion that the soy extract thingamy contained in this product is to blame for this sad state of affairs.

Checking out other reviews though, I seem to be the only person who breaks out from this stuff. It's a pity that I am the exception to the rule as I would definitely repurchase this for travel. Boo.

Has anyone tried this and found themselves breaking out too?


Kahani said...

Ah hah! It broke me out too. But I wasn't sure if it was simply not getting rid of the bullet proof makeup I wear.

. muzicphreak . said...

Hi there,

Sorry the product doesn't work for you. :( I've been using this product for about 2 months and so far I've experienced none of the problems that you mentioned (thank God, because cystic acne does not sound fun).

p/s: I've been following this blog for quite some time. You guys are awesome. :D

Rachel said...

You might want to try lancome's micellar cleansing water, similar product but I've found it to be an excellent time saer on busy days. No residue and water proof products don't put up much of a fight against it.

domncroxd said...

i've tried and reviewed this. sorry to hear it didn't work on you :(. i agree, it didn't work very well for eye makeup but it's my HG double cleanser now (1st step).

Jaslyn said...

I simply adore this! I've tried all the other variants but not this one and they work beautifully. Perhaps you could try out the other variants?

This is my first step in my double cleansing routine too!

Eli said...

Kahani: I wasn't sure if it was my makeup as well. But after going back and forth a few times, I am convinced that the Mandom Cleansing Lotion is breaking me out.

Muzicphreak: It seems to be working out for everyone except for Kahani and I. We have to be the exceptions to the rule. Bwah.

Thanks for the compliment! Feedback like yours keeps us going.

Rachel: Thanks for the recommendation! I actually have my eye on Uriage Cleansing Water which I saw tucked away in a local Guardian. Waiting to finish off my cream cleansers first though.

domncroxd: I think the soy extract is making my skin break out, even after double-cleansing. Boo! But great to know that it works so well for you.

Jaslyn: I am a bit wary of trying the other Mandom varients. =/ Once bitten, twice shy. But I am open to checking out the other Micellar cleansers from other brands though.

Askmewhats said...

Ah I am using the pink bottle! I don't use it as often but its great because it's NON oily! there are days I don't like the "oily feel" i use it but not on a daily basis, sorry it broke you out!