July 31, 2011

Malaysia to HK Beauty Shopping List

I've been mentally putting together a wishlist of items to stock up on when I return to Malaysia. These are either items that are unobtainable in Hong Kong or cheaper in Malaysia (however slight the difference). Some of these I've been harping on but this list is as much for me to purge my mind of this list as it is for reader-reference. As I have a friend willing to help me cart 20kg back to HK, I can REALLY stock up with multiple tubes!

  1. Himalaya Herbals Neem Mask. I've concluded I really can't do without this stuff!
  2. Differin - you need a prescription to get it here. 
  3. Silky Girl Mascara
  4. Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel - it's supposed to be available here but I can't find it.
  5. Etude House goodies (lip stains at any rate)
  6. Soap & Glory goodies (Sephoraaaaaa!)
  7. Maybelline Hypersharp Liquid Eyeliner (It's HKD75 here but HKD60 in Malaysia).
  8. Everyday Minerals Foundation (It's easier to get in Msia via Loving Minerals or The Body Bar
  9. Urban Decay raid (More Sephoraaaaaa!)
  10. Uniqlo Bra Tops - recommended by ParisB. I love them but selection here is limited.
  11. Yummy Bud's Kids orange shampoo (Bud's Baby's is here, can't find the Kids range.
  12. INGLOT! I forgot Inglot...(updated 1 Aug)
I think that may be enough for now...unless something else pops to mind. Insatiable me...


kuri said...

Interesting to see your list. I should post a list of the products I prefer to buy in the U.S. rather than Japan.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Uniqlo bra tops! Sephora! Love! :D