August 02, 2011

A hair-pampering session with Himalaya Herbals...

Was what I had two weekends ago.

The nice people at Himalaya Herbals had decided to treat some of us bloggers to a hair-pampering session (to introduce us to their range of hair-care products), and so I'll be telling you about the little treat I had.

Uhh... it's a bit of a picture heavy post, this one.

Upon arrival, I was settled in nicely, and the first thing they did was to give me a hair and scalp analysis (at the station above). It's the first time I've had this done, and I must say, it was quite fun (yet freaky at the same time) to be looking at your scalp and hair THAT up close!

After my analysis - I was pronounced as having a healthy scalp but I had a bit of a hairfall problem - I was prescribed the range of products as seen in the first photo. That'll be the Revitalising Hair Oil, the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, the Protein Conditioner (Softness & Shine), and the Protein Hair Cream.

A few more shots of their hair-care range.

(I am not reviewing the products today, only an overview of my one-off experience. I'll be testing out the products for a while more before I review them.)

I was then whisked off, and the pampering session began.

My scalp was first massaged in the Revitalising Hair Oil, which was... quite an experience. (I mean, she was pouring oil on my head.) Well, considering I'm a bit of an oily-haired girl who's been taught to stay away from oils, this certainly is quite a departure from the norm. Massage was lovely though.

I then got a shampoo, had my hair conditioned, and had some of that hair cream applied to my ends (and staying well away from my roots). A blow-dry finished the job.

The end result? My hair felt soft, bouncy and shiiiiny. And I got plenty of compliments on my hair that day.

I told you it was shiiiiny.

Definitely a good hair-day. What do you think?


Poohkie said...

I'm a recent follower of your blog & I really like it a lot.
I love himalaya products too. Could you list the specific oils/shampoo/conditioners used on your hair during this event?

Poohkie said...

Hi Syen, I love himalaya products & happen to have a few hair products as well. My hair is also somewhat oily & I would love to know what was used on your hair during this session. Pretty please!

Syen said...

Poohkie: Hi, sorry for the late reply. If you've read through the post, it's actually written in there. All the products used on my hair were already listed, namely - Revitalising Hair Oil, the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, the Protein Conditioner (Softness & Shine), and the Protein Hair Cream. The items prescribed to me were the ones they used.

Poohkie said...

OOPS!! So sorry Syen! I read the whole article & completely forgot that the products had already being mentioned. Sorry about that *blushes*
1 final Q - Did the shampoo manage to get rid of all the oil on your hair? I tend to have a problem with Himalaya shampoos getting rid of the oil even after 2 washes!

Kokoda said...

Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its really amazing...........