August 31, 2011

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat - Worth it?

I was lucky enough to find this at discount haven Bonjour but even so, I think I'd seriously consider paying full price for this - well at least the US retail price of $8.50, not the evil marked up Asian prices. However I think OPI is phasing this out as it's going online for US$2! So grab it soon if you want it after this evw.

I'm not a base coat expert though, I've mostly only used The Face Shop's (not bad) and Revlon's Muticare Base and Top Coat (terrible!!). I must say though that neither have performed like this one.

Like a good base coat should, it protects the nails from staining and from nailpolish drying your nails out. It dries in next to no time too which is awesome.

It strengthens and provides a really great surface for painting nailpolish on. Really great.Nail polishes that have in the past required two coats due to streakiness now only require one.

But where it's really awesome is how long it gets the manis to last. About 10 days and the tips are still good (unless you cut it with a kitchen knife while cooking... true story). However I find that as my nail grows out, the part near the cuticle will start to peel away and by about day 9 start to flake. So usually the mani's removed by then - still, 7 days with dishwashing and cooking ain't bad.

I currently use Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat which IS pretty good and affordable too so look into giving that one a try. ;)


rinnah said...

I miss Bonjour so much! Beauty shopping just ain't the same after HK. :P

Save Not Splurge said...

I should try this soon!

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