September 21, 2011

And I am Back!

Syen and Kahani were kind enough to let me off blogging duty for a month, seeing how work, constant travelling and a persistent cough were driving me up the wall with little energy to spare. After the long Eid holiday and a much anticipated break with my boyfriend (am waiting for the day when I can show the finger to all those well-meaning “friends” who predicted doom and said long distance relationships don’t last), I am almost back to my usual self and am ready to report for regular blogging duty.

I am still catching up on the beauty scene so don’t expect anything from me on new trends and news ( does a great job of it so go look there). I do have stuff to report from the Quest for Clear Skin Battle Front though. In brief:

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thrist Relief is awesome stuff. So awesome, I think I have found my HG and am tossing all others out of the window.

 2. Clinique Turnaround Concentrate is great stuff too. Reddish breakouts are gone in 3 days and when applied lavishly, your skin glows the next morning. Unfortunately, it looks like the this product is being discontinued (why, Clinique, why?!) so I am going to try and stock up while I can.

 3. Vichy Eau Thermale Spray is amazing. I was a facial spray sceptic until I misplaced my MoistureSurge while I was holidaying at Kapalai. I kept spraying myself with this instead. No breakouts, no dry outs.

4. Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 is my new favourite sunscreen. Used this walking all over Sandakan, during a Kinabatangan River cruise and at Kapalai. No burning and other half didn’t mind using it either.

 5. This is going to cause a lot of raised eyebrows but Dettol Antiseptic Cream works really well on angry, red pimples especially you were poking them in a fit of abstraction. In my defense, I was travelling in the boondocks for a week, didn’t have pimple cream, no Nexcare Acne Aid patches and a tube of antiseptic cream in my first aid kit.

Desperation calls for drastic action, y’ know?

 And also,

 6. Nexcare Acne Patches works great on cuts and scrapes. Well, it should since it was originally developed for surgical use anyway. Caught my heel on a door while walking out of a toilet last week (second time this has happened at Bangsar Village, by the way) and lost a huge chunk of skin. Darn thing has turned infected on me so I have been plastering the large Nexcare Acne patches on it every few hours since I don’t have iodine on hand. Lots of the redness has disappeared but woe is me if I get pimples tomorrow.

Now, which should I write about first?


Kahani said...

Eli: Don't panic, whenever Clinique discontinues something staple like that it's releasing a new one. Wait and see. Chances are the one you love now will be available on Strawberrynet for a whole lot less when the new one's launched. ;)

domncroxd said...

! *panics at Clinique discontinuing Turnaround*. That's my staple too! unless i stop using that and switch to EL's Idealist.

ksuan said...

Clinique's doing what now? :( Why discontinue such an amazing HG product! Roar.

And Eli - Moisture Surge review request por favor :)

Eli said...

Okay, girls, I am fresh back from my local Clinique counter. Production of Turnaround as we know it has been halted BUT I have been assured that they will be back with a newer, upgraded and (hopefully) better version come November, wheeeeeeee!

More details next week when I review Moisture Surge as per Ksuan's request.

Steph said...

I've missed your writing!! :)

Paris B said...

Psst! Turnaround isn't being discontinued per se. New formula coming in end October. Can't say more for now ;)