September 23, 2011

US Haul Part II: Macy's

The second part of my US haul, from Macy's.

Tiny, compared to the Sephora haul.

For the uninitiated, Macy's is a mid-range departmental store, and became quite a fave of mine (compared with the more high-end malls).

What I picked up.

1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (100ml for USD125) - couldn't resist this because it was so much cheaper than in KL. After conversion, this bottle cost me about RM375. A 50ml bottle in KL costs about RM300. The 100ml is a special edition which is only released twice a year. Lucky me.

2. MAC Pink Swoon blush, Woodwinked (top) and Patina (bottom) eyeshadows. Overall, MAC is so much cheaper than in KL. Blush is now USD18, and eyeshadows USD15 each.

More haul posts to come next week! This time from drugstores and factory outlets.

Have a great weekend!


xin said...

w00t! the EL is cheap! lucky you :D

Jenn said...

Yeah the ANR is super cheap! I'm jealous!!

Loving your MAC hauls... Pink Swoon is gorgeous! :D

Kahani said...

Good buy with the ANR... but why do both the eyeshadows look alike? =P

milktea said...

That is one Big EL night repair bottle! Good bargain though! :-)