December 21, 2011

Merry Berry - Loving GOSH Soft'N Shine Lip Balm

Since cold(ish) weather hit and grey skies I've been craving rich plummy berry colours. When I spotted this shade at the Gosh counter with Syen my eyes lit up. When I swatched the formula and checked the reasonable price tag (HKD75) I was SOLD.

The shade is Perfect Plum (34) and it is indeed perfect. Sheer, glossy and so moisturising I don't need to use a lip balm under it at all. Which is why I love tinted balms in the first place

The lippie is packaged in a classy metallic slimline tube that's actually plastic. So it's a lot lighter than it looks.

For a tinted balm the colour is rich and gorgeous while still being sheer. It doesn't last past a drink of course but it does leave a sheer stain behind that builds up throughout the day. If you don't like this, be sure and wipe it off after lunch and reapply.

It also goes wonderfully with Cabana Boy

My only gripe is that the ONLY Gosh counter I've found in Hong Kong is in Watsons at Timese Square, Causeway Bay. No where else. I've been looking. And why am I griping? Because I fully intend to go RIGHT back there and pick up a pinky, a peachy and a reddy!


Paris B said...

Eh, that's a pretty colour! :D And not a lip balm fan tinted or no, but it sure is a nice way to add some colour - shall look this up on my next trip to HK ;)

Merry Christmas Kahani, Syen & Eli! :D

Eunice said...

Actually, I think there is a GOSH counter at the Watson's on Queen's Road Central because I vaguely remember seeing one there. Also, I'm sure that there's a counter in the Watson's at Aberdeen (though it's not really a hotspot for any shoppers).

Anyways, great review -- really helpful especially as I've been eyeing those for some time :)