December 16, 2011

Breaking News: New palettes from theBalm now in Malaysia!

Guess what lovelies?

theBalm's Nude'Tude and Meet Matt(e) are now available in Malaysia! Looks like my constant prowling about the malls does have its benefits after all. *grin*

Read on to find out more.

I spotted these at Sasa Selective, 1 Utama, and the news gets better. They're currently on 15% discount. Which makes both these palettes cost a little under RM100 each. They're about RM98 a palette. Which is actually pretty decent, if you ask me.

Meet Matt(e) is, as its namesake, a palette of nine matte eyeshadows. If you're a fan of matte shades, this palette is right up your alley. But not me... I do love me some shimmer.

If you're wondering whether theBalm's eyeshadows are worth forking out your money for, I'll give you a resounding "YES". We girls here at So Loverly have always been fans of theBalm, as you can see here and here.

I've been eyeing the Nude'Tude for a while now, and so I happily swatched away at the store. But alas, since I'm also eyeing another nude palette *cough Naked 2 cough*, I thought I'd be good and give this a pass. As pretty as it is. Boo.

But what about you? Are you planning to swing by Sasa now? Or are you waiting for the other nude palette too? *winks*


ksuan said...

O Syen,

Lead me not towards the darkness of temptation!

Syen said...

ksuan: HAHAHA! Too late. We have to live up to your evurl enabling name, no? =P

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Ohhhh... I just bought the Kat Von D palette and Shu Uemura WKW palette... No more budget!!!! I want Matty! Hahaha