December 02, 2011

Naked. Again.

Bet the headlines caught your attention, didn't it?

Don't worry, it's nothing scandalous. But just in case you didn't already know, Urban Decay has new palette out. And guess what's it called? Naked2.

And it looks beautiful.

(Note: All photos in this post are courtesy of Lipglossiping, which you should totally check out because she's got heaps more gorgeous photos of Naked2, including swatches and a thorough comparison against the Naked, the original.)

My heart did a double take when I first saw the palette online. It certainly looks beautiful. And being a proud owner of the original Naked palette, I can attest to the quality of Urban Decay's eyeshadows there. They're good.

(Naked2 compared against the original Naked palette at the bottom.)

Yes, you might wonder, "How many neutral palettes does a girl actually need?". Truthfully, one palette might be all I need, but you see, this is an issue of wants. Not needs.

I'm also definitely liking the look of the new packaging. It looks sleeker, and more hardy compared to the cardboard box of its predecessor.

From what I've read, it will be released in the UK on Jan 1, 2012, and hitting the US "soon". As of now, no idea on when it'll be arriving in Malaysia though. Keep your fingers crossed, ladies.

So. What do you think? Are you wanting Naked2? Because I certainly do.


Askmewhats said...

I saw this from Jenn of "From Head to Toe" last night on youtube and I don't have Naked 1 so I'm lemming for this because of the "tin" packaging! hehehehe :)

Syen said...

Nikki: I have Naked, the original, and I'm still lemming for this now! LOL.

Eli said...

I have been stalking Naked 2 (it DOES sound like the sequel of a bad porno movie, doesn't it) since pics came out and I don't think I'll get it. Am quite fond of Naked and the only colour which intrigues me in Naked 2 is Pistol.

Syen said...

Eli: That makes you.. The Naked stalker? Ok, lame. Lol. Just as I've been telling Kahani as well, YDK is a goorgeous colour, btw. Don't just diss the palette off just yet. =P

Luthien said...

Exciting news indeed! :D
But I have yet to get my hands on the original NAKED palette - was sold out at KLCC Sephora the last time I visited :(

Eli said...

Syen: Hey, there are lots of Naked Stalkers out there so I guess I am in good company. =P YDK is gorgeous but I am not a frosted finish fan. Will stick to MAC Satin Taupe. =D

Syen said...

Luthien: Oh dear, that's too bad. The few times I was in Sephora there were Naked palettes available. Try again? =P

Eli: LOL. Oh yes, MAC Satin Taupe is also gorgeous!

Connie De Alwis said...

As much as I enjoy my naked palette, I'll pass. The colors appear quite similar and there's a repeat even (Half Baked). The tin packaging looks classier tho