December 14, 2011

Review: Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen SPF 40

Freaking fantastic HG stuff. I would leave my review at that but seeing how a "proper" review is supposed to be at least 3 paragraphs long, I will expand on it.

What is there not to like about Clarins UV Plus? It is lightweight, easily absorbed, dries to a slight powder finish, doesn't give me pimples and travels really well. I have used this all over Borneo -- river cruises, trekking, kayaking, swimming -- and it has yet to fail me. It works better than my other kononnya heavy duty, water resistant, sports sunscreens. I just wish that it was cheaper so I can use it on my body as well.

Major plus point for me is that Clarins UV Plus contains titanium dioxide its active ingredients. Titanium dioxide is one of the best physical sunscreens around; blocking both UVA and UVB rays. It is also responsible for the whitish cast some people complain about. I am not really fussed by it though as it fades once the sunscreen is properly rubbed in.

My only grouse? The price. I use this quite sparingly on normal office days when I am out of the sun. So far, I have managed to stretch it out to over 4 months. Hopefully it'll see me through the end of 2011. As far as I am concerned though, the price is well-worth paying considering how well this sunscreen works.

Clarins UV Plus retails at RM158 for 30ml and RM 198 for 50ml. There's also a pink-based version available but I would give it a miss unless you are quite fair.


Kahani said...

Goodness with all the reviews out on this I'm tempted to beg one of you girls to give me a teenie tiny sample to test even though i'm 90% sure it'll break me out.

Syen said...

Goodness. That IS pricey! *gulp* But thanks for the review Eli. I'll kiv this for the i decide to splurge on a high-end sunscreen!

Connie De Alwis said...

I wish I could give this sunblock a bigger heart <3 !!
Love it! The tinted version actually works on medium skin tones. It doesn't leave a whitish cast and I love it cuz it even works as a makeup base thus I get to skip a step when I wear foundation :)
but I HATE the price!

Eli said...

Kahani: I can give you a sample if you are around during Christmas week.

Syen: I nearly threw up paying for it. No regrets though as it works and is the only suncreen which doesn't give me pimples.

Connie: Ahh... I should try the tinted version next then. Can hear my pocket crying out in pain.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I'm using it as well... Yes, this is the greatest Sunscreen that I ever used... But the price is annoying