January 04, 2012

Things I Did Over Christmas Week

Happy New Year, All! It's a brand new year and I am sure that some of you have made a heap of New Year Resolutions. Me? I didn't bother this year round. Just had too many things to do last week which included...

1.   I finally visited Sephora. I know, I totally fail as a beauty blogger. Sephora has been open for yonks but I never got around to visiting it until last week. In my defense, I am usually tending to other things on my trips back to Kuala Lumpur.

It is great to see brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced and Soap & Glory finally here on Malaysian shores. Sephora Cosmetics looks pretty interesting too. I didn't buy anything so don't ask me about that!

I do wish that Sephora didn't bother opening counters for stuff like Clinique, Lancome and Dior. Why not use the space to bring in brands like NARS instead? I much prefer going to departmental stores to buy my Clinique and Dior. At least I get proper one-on-one attention from the sales assistants, samples and points on my department store card..

2. Diptyque is in Malaysia! They had a booth open in Bangsar Village 1 over Christmas. The booth has since been closed but they are going to open their flagship store in KLCC this month and another store in Bangsar Village as well, if I am not wrong.

You have no idea how happy I am over the news. Its waaaaay cheaper than Annick Goutal (RM350 for 50ml) and I am loving the scent of Duelle. My sister is greatly relieved as well as she doesn't have to worry about running low on Tam Dao anymore.

3. On another perfume related note: Annick Goutal's Duel smells great layered with Petite Cherie. The women in my family are huge fans of Duel (yes, its a man's perfume but we don't care) but dislike Petite Cherie as we find it too sweet for us. We were talking to an SA about it, when she told us about a customer who mixes them both.

Whaddaya know? The combo is great. Petite Cherie gives a feminine touch to Duel without the overly sweet edge which drives me nuts. <3 Unfortunately, the combo is going to set me back by nearly a thousand as I would have to buy TWO bottles.

4.   My sister dragged me to the Dr. Perricone counter to sample their "No Foundation Foundation". A makeup artist friend of hers swears by it for his clients and I can now see why. The stuff is awesome!

Forget BB cream. This stuff blends into all skin tones (tried it on myself, sister and mother as we are all varying shades of brown) and gives a really dewy look. The texture takes some getting used to as it is quite silicone-y and moist to the touch after application. It lasted all day on me without oiling up but I would like to try it while walking under the sun to see how it holds up.

Some might complain that the coverage is too sheer for their liking but I found it just right. Probably be better once I dab some concealer over any spots.

Dr. Perricone staff, if you are reading this, please give me a sample so I can test drive it throughly. I don't want to drop RM220 for a wee 30 ml bottle on a whim, you know?


Carla said...

U make me really wanna try the perricone foundation!
yeah don't buy from local sephora, in Singapore, its so expensive, rather buying from US! hehe

Paris B said...

I saw the Diptyque candles in BV during their Christmas fair but I never stopped to look. I'll try to find out where/when they're opening so I can go and take a good proper sniff :)

As for Perricone, it turned me orange o_O So I reckon like BB Creams, its not quite a one shade fits all

Happy New Year Eli!

dom said...


That is all.

Eli said...

Carla: You should give it a go.

ParisB: Really? Man, that sucks. A lot of foundations actually turn orange on me so I was wowed that Dr. Perricone's didn't.

Dom: I knoooowwwwww... And their sales staff are lovely. All so knowledgeable and comforting whenever I can't figure out how to pronounce the French names correctly. This Malaysian is crap at languages.

Connie De Alwis said...

Guess who's going back to KK? :D But only for ONE night :(
Happy New Year :D

Eli said...

Connie: One night is still enough for ikan bakar! When though? I am leaving KK on the 18th.

dom said...

where's DT gonna be at KLCC and when?

Connie De Alwis said...

If class confirmed going on 13th & leaving on 14th after class. will keep you posted! :) Sowwy hijacked your post...

Eli said...

Dom: Sadly, I have no idea. They only told me that it would be opening sometime in January. Tell me if you find out though!

Joey Anna said...

Agree. It's really quite frustrating that Sephora didn't bring in NARS to their Asian outlets.