February 24, 2012

Loving: Warm nude shades ~

I have a girlfriend who's crazy in love with nude lipsticks. She loves playing up her eyes, and hence, tends to stick to brown and nude lipsticks so it'll work easily into her entire look.

And every time I meet her, I fall into loving nudes all over again. But I love me some pinks and peaches too. Cos I'm greedy like that.

That got me thinking as to what shades I had in my stash (either peaches or pinks) which were still "nude" enough that I could wear them, even if I wanted to play up my eyes.

And I came up with these four easy-to-wear warm nude shades to share with you lovelies. If you love nudes too, but want to just add that little bit of colour for your lips, I think these would work really well.

From left: Revlon ColourBurst in Blush, Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptint SPF 15 in Rosy Rose #030 (which is strangely very peach if you ask me), Stage Wonderlust in Gisele #01, and Nivea Fruity Shine lipbalm in Pink Guava.

The swatches are also in the order as listed above. They do look easy-to-wear, don't they? On my lips, they just give a touch of colour, without screaming lipstick at all. Really "my lips but better" (MLBB) shades, these.

They're all creamy and not overly pigmented, which is just what you need when going for a nude lip.

All four are priced really reasonably, especially since Stage is now having a sale at RM20 for TWO Wonderlust lipsticks. Yeah, you read right. So run along and check it out. I can't promise you Gisele is still available though.

What are your favourite warm nude shades?


Miyabi said...

I like both of the Revlon colours in the picture :) They both look somehow peachy-pink to me XD

Connie De Alwis said...

I've always loved the look of peachy lippies but they usually look off on me :(

Syen said...

Miyabi: They are very pretty. =)

Connie: Really?I thought peaches would look great on you, since you're warm toned too.

Petra said...

I was made up by two magazines both with nude lipsticks. SALAH. I looked like a TVB aunty actress past her prime with cosmetics surgery gone wrong. Some makeup artists don't understand how to deal with interracial looks.

Paris B said...

I can't wear nude lipsticks :( I do best with something with a pink tone because it then looks natural and I look alive. If there's too much peach in there, I look like a corpse.

Syen said...

Petra: Saya setuju. On how some makeup artists not knowing how to work with different looks.

Paris: I guess we all work best with certain shades. But on you, I love you best with the rockin' red lips. =)