February 22, 2012

My Last Malaysian Haul

I am still getting used being back in Sydney -- right now, I don't even have a table to type on! -- so review posts are going to be a little erratic until I settle down. So why don't I show you my very last haul from Malaysia? Cosmetics are incredibly expensive here so I indulged in a little shopping and stocking up. I won't be back in Malaysia for a year after all.

And in no particular order...

I know, some of you must be thinking: "THREE tubs of Moisture Surge?" But I do go through it quite rapidly so I picked up as many monster tubs I could each time I passed through the airport. That should keep my skin happy for about 8 months?

Then there are my favourite Clinique Turnaround Concentrate and Brightening Essence. The samples I received of the new Turnaround didn't break me out so I decided to get a new bottle. I think the Brightening Essence has been replaced with the new Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. But seeing how I got this before the launch... Oh well, it works really well too.

Syen is to blame for the Revlon Lip Butters. We were having dinner right after she wrote this post and when we saw that a comment was left saying that the Lip Butters had come to town, we immediately high-tailed it to the nearest Guardian. She picked up Macaroon while I got Macaroon and Fig Jam. Fig Jam, by the way, is a dead ringer for a less luxe version of Clinique's Black Honey. More on that next time.

I love Vichy's Micellar Cleansing Solution to bits so I was devastated when they pulled out of Malaysia. I managed to score 2 bottles during their closing BOGOF sale but could only bring one bottle with me to Australia. Damn.

My mother was kind enough to donate a RM100 Metrojaya voucher towards my purchase of Clarins UV Plus Sunscreen so I only had to fork out RM58 for it, whee! A few days later, I spotted the 50ml LE version at the AirAsia LCCT terminal and got another bottle. If you are a fan and are passing through LCCT, head over to their international departures section and grab a bottle for yourself.

Remember the Guerlain Meteorites compact I was asking you girls about? Well, I got it and a Guerlain Automatique lipstick. Blame it on Sue, the sales assistant I chatted to that day. I totally get the Guerlain lipstick hype now and am in love with the compact. So pretty!

I finally got the Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation that I mentioned around Christmas. It gives very little coverage but is really hydrating and works well on good skin days. <3

And, of course, my favourite Silkygirl Mascara.


A~ said...

I do that too each time i go back to Msia! Skin & beauty stuff r ridiculously expensive here in Australia. Not to mention the options & variety of brands & colours are limited too. Alas flight baggage is limited to so & so weight, if not I would so bring a whole year stock of makeups n skin stuff. I hafta somehow have some space for my shoes & handbags. =)

Connie De Alwis said...

I bought the Silkygirl mascara while I was in Miri! Was on sale some more :D Gonna try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the rec

Sarvin Sidhu said...

Totally loving the Moisture Surge by Clinique..one of my favorites!