February 08, 2012

Reader's Q&A: I ask, you answer!

Let's have a twist on the usual Q&A! Instead of answering questions from readers, why not let you play beauty blogger and answer my questions instead?

Question 1:
Dear reader, I just went to the Clarins counter to pick up a refill of my favourite Clarins UV Plus HP Dayscreen. I was told that it was no longer available in 50ml bottles, only 30ml. As you can imagine, I was horrified and asked for more details -- when, why, how? According to the sales assistant, the 50ml sizes were discontinued sometime in September but she didn't know the reason why.

I didn't have the time to confirm this with other Clarins counters so I thought I would check in with you readers. Is it true? I googled it up and the nearest search result I could find was a note on Makeupalley.

If it really has been discontinued, I would like to know the reason why. After all, this product was only released last year and is such a great product to use, even though the price tag makes me want to gag and weep blood. While I am willing to pay RM198 for a 50ml bottle, I balk at RM158 for 30ml.

Maybe it really is time for me to try Kiehl's sunscreen.

Question 2:
Dear reader, I am looking for a nice finishing powder which gives a glow and extra oomph. I am absolutely torn between getting a Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder or MAC's Mineralised Skinfinish Natural. MAC is obviously the more budget-friendly option compared to Guerlain but latter is likely to last for aaaaages.

Plus, I would like to indulge in a last bit of luxe before settling back into the poor student lifestyle again. Yes, I do realise what an awful excuse for extravagance that is.

Btw, oil control isn't an issue although travel-friendly is a must.

Which would you choose?


Cynthia Loh said...

I would love to know the reason for the Clarins too..But after so, I converted to Hada Labo Suncreen now. :(

I would suggest MAC MSF. It does give a glowy look that you wanted and budget-friendly so even if you bring for travel and lost it, you won't be too sad? LOL! :P

kuri said...

Hrm, no idea about the Clarins - I don't think it ever reached Japan.

I would get the Guerlain, just because I like them better as a brand. And so luxe! But I've never tried either product.

Jeen said...

I have both the MSF Natural and Meteorites - I'd say go with the meteorites. It is more ex but the finish it gives can't be beat while the MSF doesn't do anything for me. and they really do last forever - I have had my tin for a year plus now with daily use and it looks like I've barely used it. I suspect that if you do the math in terms of cost per use, meteorites will come up tops.

also, it's nice to have a little touch of luxury in the mornings when you're pressed for time :) (I'm a student again too)
just remember to keep the little puff that comes with the meteorites to prevent them from banging about too much when you travel.

beetrice said...

The Clarins UV Plus 30ml is standard size, while the 50ml size was a limited edition while stocks lasted. Agreed that the bigger size was much more worth it though.

I like Guerlain's Meteorites, so you know which one I'm voting for... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eli..when I bought my Clarins sunscreen the lady told me that the 50ml was a llimited edition.She said that it was only available twice a year.

S said...

Hello Eli, I had no idea the Clarins sunscreen used to come in a 50ml bottle as I have always purchased the 30ml one!

I would vote for the Guerlain Meteorites powder but it did break Steph of beautefabuleuse.wordpress.com out so I am not sure if it's for everyone! I own the loose pearls and it seems to be working fine on my sensitive skin!

Eli said...

Kya!!! Why didn't anyone tell me that the Clarins sunscreen was LE? Looks like I'll have to buy Kiehl's until the next release.

Thanks for all the feedback on the Meteorites versus MAC MSF. So far, its 4 for Guerlain and 1 for MAC! Hmm...

Connie De Alwis said...

I disliked the Kiehl's sunscreen because it was oily, thick and greasy on me. But it's probably because my skin doesn't like the sunscreen ingredient (mexoryl something) since L'Oreal uses the same ingredient and I get the same outcome. I love the Clarins one because it doubles as a makeup base as well.
I alternate with the Hada Labo sunscreen which I feel is fantastic! Also works as a base :)

MAC MSF is certainly going to be more travel friendly! I've never tried the meteorites so I can't comment on that.

Paris B said...

Question 1: The Clarins HP sunscreen in 50ml is a limited edition size. 30ml is the standard volume and we may see 50ml being brought in later (again LE) or you can try duty free. I've looked but they too carry only 30ml sizes.

So in summary, 30ml is standard, and 50ml is if you're lucky.

Question 2: Get the Guerlain. Nothing else to be said.Guerlain does compact powders as well which are travel friendly. However if by "travel friendly" you mean it will only travel to 1 place at any one time and not regularly nor that it must be portable then get the perles version. The effect is a little different.

Eli said...

Connie: The HA in Haba Labo started breaking me out after a while so I steer clear of the brand now. I used the L'Oreal UV with Mexoryl before and didn't experience any problems so it should be okay.

I hope.

ParisB: If I knew that the 50ml Clarins sunscreen was LE, I would have stocked up in Sabah. They still had some lying around in December. Bwah!

I mentioned that I was specifically looking at the Guerlain compacts but I think everyone zero-ed in on the Meteorites bit and automatically assumed that I was talking about the perles version. ^_^ Anyway, the blush/ Guerlain Meteorites Queen has spoken so I am off to get my compact!