February 10, 2012

Care for a scrub of tea?

St Ives Green Tea Scrub, that is.

In my perpetual search for something to satiate my scrubby needs, I came across this tube of green tea goodness whilst I was drugstore prowling in the States last year.

Did I really need another scrub? No.

Did I want another scrub? Especially one that has 1% salicylic acid? Heck, yes.

The contents in this tube are not particularly attractive. First off, it’s green. And it smells herby. To me anyway (but you may not want to trust my nose).

But make no mistake, this is one heck of scrub. And quite a keeper too.

This green tea scrub is a thick paste which is exfoliating all on its own. There are no beads or granules in it which acts as the exfoliating agent.

Green tea is also known to be rich in anti-oxidants, and to be soothing for the skin. Coupled with the 1% salicylic acid, this scrub is designed to be quite the zit-fighter.

After a round of gentle scrubbing, my skin feels nice, soft and clean. No tuggy-feeling anywhere, which is great.

As scrubs go, I’d say this one is quite sits somewhere in the middle. Not quite as mild as the Neutrogena Deep Clean scrub, but not quite as harsh as the St Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub.

And as with all scrubs, go gentle with it. You don’t want to scrub your face off.

Do I love this? Yes.

Can you buy it here in Malaysia? Unfortunately no. But if you do manage to get your hands on it, it’ll cost you about USD5.99 in the US.

Care for a scrub of tea?


beetrice said...

I *think* I remember seeing this at Swanston in Singapore...will have to check it out!

PS: LOL believe it or not, the word verification for this comment is "ursurea" (ur sure a?) *giggles*

Syen said...

Bee: Oooh. Do let me know if it is available in Sg. On the word verification - LOL. Doesn't get anymore Malaysian/Singaporean than that! =P

dom said...

I would love to have this. I'm searching for a new scrub!

PS: In the spirit of captcha verification, mine is romantic laughing. Whut?

Anonymous said...

I want this so badly!!!!! can you get it in hk?

Syen said...

Anon: Sorry for the late reply. I have no idea if this is available in HK, although I think I might have seen it when I was last there late last year. Kahani?

SherRen said...

It is nw selling in Malaysia! Exclusively @ Guardian :-)