March 05, 2012

Nicole by OPI - Dream Maker

The picture really doesn't capture the sparkly silver shimmer shot through with goldish multi-colour particles. It's a really fine shimmer bordering on glitter - meaning you don't see big chunks but you can, by staring hard, pick out the individual particles.

I have two coats on my nails in the pic and this shade to me seems like a really fun way to wear a nude. It's not so bling as to seem juvenile (but I think teenage girls will like this one too), it's work-appropriate because it's a quite colour, but at ht same time it's young and pretty.

It's a cool pink so it makes the whites of your nails look whiter. It's sheerness means that chips don't show up that easily - but overall it lasts about 5 days with a top coat. 

I'm really enjoying this one and using it all the time. I think it'd also look really pretty over another shade.

Nicole by OPI is a more affordable range of polishes and this one I picked up in Sasa for about HKD75. 


Anonymous said...

Is my eyes playing tricks on me? Doesn't look like an OPI bottle! hehehe I guess I'm so used to the "shape" of the OPI bottle! This color is close to pinkish platinum! Nice!

AskMeWhats said...

Oh man! the anonymous is me! :) Sorry!

plue said...

i have one from the justin bieber collection, multi heart glitter polish that's makes quite a good final coat to give cream polishes some bling. and another choco colour damn can't remember the name.

never really look at the other colours as they seem so blah >.< at HKD75 it does seem pretty cheap n not too exp! and easily available at most Sasa i think.