March 02, 2012

Sephora's Crayon 12-HR Wear Jumbo Liner Rocks. Really.

Sometimes you come across things in life that you truly wonder how you ever did without before. Perhaps this borders on a slight exaggeration, but I feel pretty much that way about the Sephora Crayon 12-HR Wear Jumbo Liner in Taupe #04 .

It is awesome.

I know it says Jumbo Liner. But essentially I use it as an eyeshadow pencil. It's so easy to use, and uber quick too. I use it on my bare lids, and it slides on super easy and smooth. Pat it a little with my ring finger, set it over with a wash of powder eyeshadow, draw on my eyeliner, and voila - My eyes are done. This takes a total of uhhh.. 3 minutes?

It gets better. It STAYS on. Even after 12 hours. It. does. not. budge.

And oh, did I tell you it's also waterproof? No? Well, now you know. It's also waterproof. The swatch I took on my hand for the purpose of this post, I had to wash it off with makeup remover. Once it sets, it sets.

It looks like a crayon pencil, and you will have to sharpen it, unfortunately. I wish they made these like twist pencils, so it would save me the hassle of having to sharpen it, but ah well... you can't have it all sometimes.

Colour wise, it's a really pretty taupe. I usually pair it with taupe shades like Urban Decay's YDK or Sidecar for my wash of powder shadow. You could easily pair it with browns or lilac-y shades too.

This Jumbo Liner is available in Sephora Malaysia (fortunately, yay!) and a stick goes for about RM30-ish.

I'm really thinking of going back for maybe another shade or two.

Have you tried the Jumbo Liners?


Dom said...

This is something to look out for if they come in those Christmas packs! Just to confirm - did you use a primer?

plue said...

syen, you have oily lids? or the drier kind?

Annette said...

I wonder if you can depot it like nyx jumbo eye pencils...

Syen said...

Dom: Nope. I havent been using eye primers for a while now. =)

plue: Oily. Believe me.. that's why I was incredibly impressed. Hehe.

Unknown said...

Are these similar to the nyx ones?

Syen said...

Unknown: Sorry, I cant compare them as I've never tried the NYX ones. Help, anyone?

lashesandstrokes said...

Ooh! I randomly picked up this beauty at Sephora recently. And I must admit, I AM IMPRESSED.

Just like you Syen, I have eye lids that becomes oily in less than 2 hours. But with this Jumbo Eyeliner from Sephora, there's no need for an eye primer!

As for the question regarding to compare with the NYX Jumbo liners, Sephora 12-Hr Jumbo Eyeliner wins hands down.

I am afraid NYX Jumbo Liners is too creamy/greasy for our humid Malaysian weather or simply just for oily eyelid girls.

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thank you <3