May 21, 2012

Lisa Eldridge's Long-Haul flight routine: What's yours?

Talk about a spa in the sky! I thought my long-haul regime was detailed but Lisa Eldridge takes things to just FUN lengths. I've got a long-haul flight coming up (a gruelling 16 hours including a transit) and I have to admit I'm tempted!

Generally I just take all my makeup off with a wipe (generally Simple's Cleansing Wipes), tone with Clinique, use eye cream, Differin (for acne treatment) and really slap on the H2O+ Face Oasis. Then, before landing, I cleanse, repeat the above again and instead of foundation (it's silicone free and means I NEED to use a beauty blender to apply), I apply concealer and 2-Way Powder Foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick.

I'm considering adding the face mist and perhaps a cuticle treatment oil or cream.

I'm not sure I'll add a mask as mine is anything but invisible and hydrating ones break me out, Face Oasis sort of doubles as a mask and moisturiser as long as you use enough of it. Also, until they invent nail polish that doesn't smell at ALL I won't do my nails in-flight however much I want to.

I also, REALLY want that eye mask as I've been looking for a good one for awhile, but it's GBP41!! and GBP14 for shipping!! So that's a no then.

Long-Haul beauty regimes are great because they let you arrive looking hell of a lot better then if you'd just got on, left your makeup on in the dry plane air for 16 hours and got off. As a side benefit, it really helps pass the time making your time on the plane seem a great deal more fun and relaxing.

What about you? What's your long-haul beauty routine?

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