May 18, 2012

Stop shopping? Seriously??

No. Not really.

As a beauty addict, you will go through phases where it's all buy, buuy, BUUUUY! Traumatising experience for the wallet, really.

C'mon, admit it. I've gone through it, and I still go through it every now and again. (Especially when I'm super stressed out. It's called retail therapy for a reason.)

But of late, I've been working on a few strategies on trying to curb my impulse-buying habits to help me save a little bit of dough. I won't lie. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, ah well... hang 'em strategies.

I've found that it's not going cold-turkey (I sound like I've got a serious addiction, haven't I?), but managing and spreading out the shopping that works best. For me, anyway. I'm a work-in-progress, but if you're still interested, read on.

1. Come back later - Oh lemmings.. how you do me in. Whenever a new collection's out, there are lemmings left, right and centre. But I've found that by checking them out, and then walking away, does wonders in saving you cash. Walking away lets you think which ones you're still thinking about later on. And if you're still thinking about it all through and after lunch, okay, maybe you should be getting it. But sometimes, I find myself not wanting them as much anymore.

2. Rationalise - I don't know about you, but I usually have conversations with myself at the makeup counter. I like this. You don't need it. But I waaaaant it. But you DON'T NEED IT. FINE. *sulks*

I've been wanting MORE blushes. But do I really need another one? Not really. And so I try to psycho myself out of getting another gorgeous looking blush. *Sigh* I find thinking about how many duplicates I already have at home helps. Sorta.

3. Save the lemming for when you REALLY need that retail therapy - That palette you really REALLY want? Kill two birds with one stone by saving it for when you're having a emo-meltdown and totally need retail therapy. So you get to shop and get the stuff you've been wanting for a while. Am I making sense?

4. Shop in your own stash - I've actually accumulated enough makeup stuff to last me three lifetimes, and sometimes finding something I've forgotten about actually feels like I just got a new toy. It can be quite fun. Really.

5. Treat yourself - And since you've been such a good girl... every once in a while (like three months or so), allow yourself a little treat.

What about you? How do you save your wallet from burning? *grin*


Annette said...

These are really good points! I found myself nodding to all the points, then number 3 surprised me because it never occurred to me before, so... thanks! Haha...

I don't think I have other "strategies" to add, you pretty much covered most of the curb-impulse-buying-for-instant-gratification thing. Except maybe I employ a "it can wait" tactic. Delay purchase by reasoning with yourself that you don't need it now, and by the time you can afford it you might find yourself not wanting it anymore. These are of course for really big purchases.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

I have that conversation all the time. I do NOT need lipstick number 18476767997 in that shade, but damn it's gorgeous.... lol.

i hate it though when something comes out and its either limited edition or sell out super fast. it's annoying to come back and not find it ever again.

plue said...

basically all works for me, except for no2: rationalise and 5 treat urself, because I fail in rationalization class and I love treating myself all the time >.<

no1 works all the time because on several occasions when I had wanted something, went to the store, check it out and left knowing it doesn't suit me.

ah and 1 more, stop browsing blogs and reading magazines, those usually help stop my want list big time, even if it's only for a few months before the cycle starts again :P

kuri said...

I've been trying similar tactics! It helps that I'm crazy busy right now too.
Walking away is really effective - just not looking at what's out there :)
And come back later is super effective - I usually forget about it so it must not be important!
And thinking about the size of my ridiculous stash helps - I gotta shrink it down before it takes over my dresser.

Askmewhats said...

the best advice? Treat yourself! hahahah Just Joking!

Well, I agree 100%, I have a good head on my shoulder when it comes to shopping, I keep track the things I REALLY need and skip those that are just "lemmings"! I give myself time to think about it and most of the time, I end up losing the urge to buy! :D

Syen said...

Annette: Thanks dearie! LOL.

sdevarax: Ah yes. It's a little harder to walk away knowing it's an LE piece. The trick then, I guess, is to do all the rationalising before you reach the makeup counter! Thanks for commenting! =)

plue: I don't think I can stop looking at blogs. Hahaha.

Syen said...

kuri: Exactly! It really does help, doesnt it?

Nikki: Oh yea. The treat yourself advice is one of my faves too. =P

dom said...

This sounds smug, but ... I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW :p. It's been easier than I thought, because 1) I did an inventory and counted the no. of items I have, and was horrified, and 2) I conveniently forget to bring money with me, and 3) my skin condition is almost enough to stop me from buying items. Everytime I see something I think I want, I do a lot of research on it and somehow find a few poor points, and use them to justify not getting it. I also do enough research to the point where the lemming stops. Hmm.

vanaja said...

Great post.