May 11, 2012

Review: Sleek MakeUP Blush By 3 in Sugar

I think it's been a while since I've reviewed a blush. Guess I'm going back into my element. *grin*

And interestingly, as if to make up for lost time, I'll be reviewing not one, but THREE blushes. Ladies, meet Sleek MakeUP's Blush by 3 in Sugar.

When I first spotted this on Sleek MakeUP's site, I was really excited to give it a try. Of all the palettes, Lace (all peaches and corals) had been the most, well, me. But when Sugar landed on my lap, I was more than happy to give it a go. For some reason, this palette just screams "TRAVEL palette!" to me. (I test drove it during my recent Bali trip, and it worked great.)

Sugar comprises the three shades of Turbinado (a matte berry), Muscovado (a shimmery burnt peach) and Demerara (a matte orange). In fact, Muscovado reminds me a lot of the infamous Orgasm blush - but a deeper and more oomphed-up version.

On me, Muscovado will go with pretty much anything (warm or cool makeup). Turbinado will work for a cool look, although I would have personally preferred a pink shade in this palette instead of a berry, and Demerara suit a warm look to a T. And by layering the shades over each other, you'll have even more options, all within the same palette.

Of the three shades, Muscovado is the most pigmented, but I didn't have any issues with pigment overall, using my Ecotools short-handed blush brush.

In terms of packaging, it's also great for travel - it's sleek, pretty compact and sturdy. And it comes with a decently sized mirror. It's about the size of an iPhone, but the iPhone's a tad longer. You can also compare its size against the Storm palette below.

The blush pans are a little smaller than their individual blushes, but still a good size. In terms of weight, you get 20g of product in Sugar (US$15.99) vs 8g in an individual blush (US$6.50). Below you can see Sugar on the left, and Fenberry blush on the right.

In conclusion, I think this makes for a very decent blush palette for its price. And again, I think it's a fab travel palette.

Sugar, anyone? (And now I'm wondering, do I need Lace? *tee hee*)

Note: This product was provided by Sleek MakeUP for review.


Askmewhats said...

I haven't tried any Sleek blush but I heard raves even down here! :) The packaging of Sleek is an answer to Makeup Artists' prayer! Very sleek indeed! :)

Syen said...

Nikki: Ooh yeah! I'm sure it'd be great for makeup artists too. =)

josarine said...

It is so convenient for on the go too. If you're late and stuff there are 3 colours available for you to choose according to your mood. :)


Anonymous said...

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vanaja said...

Wow, this is really cool.... Nice makeup blush. :)