June 01, 2012

Beauty Bloggers Box: What I would put in it ~

Beauty boxes seem to be all the trend now. For the fun of it, us blogging girls have decided to see what we love enough to put into a box.

So if I were to gift a beauty box, here are the five items I think every girl should have!

Cargo blush. In any colour. I have five of these blushes now, and in terms of pigment and texture, I think they're just fab.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow. These are uh-may-zing eyeshadows. If you haven't tried them, you need to. I highly recommend #14 if you're into antique gold. Simply beautiful.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Every girl needs a bottle of this legendary serum. Enough said.

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. If you're into naturals and taupes, this palette was made for you. I love this palette so much. LOVE.

Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel. A wonderfully-scented shower gel that's a whole lotta fun, at a fairly decent price. What's not to love?

That's what you'll find in my box. But do check out what these other ladies would have in their boxes!
What about you? If you could put a beauty box together, what are the five items you'd put in yours?


Joey Anna said...

Armani ETK? And Estee Lauder ANR? Seriously, wow. Sounds like a great box.

Paris B said...

Ok ok I take it back, after reading everyone's boxes, we have 4 of us with EL ANR In our boxes! Love that :D And Armani ETK is an excellent choice! I love those shadows - amazing bar none.

plue said...

Armani etk!! such beauties eh?

Syen said...

Hey ladies!

I knoooow! I saw the EL's ANR is the other blogs, and I was like "EVERYONE loves this stuff, don't they?".

As for the Armani ETK, it IS such a beauty.

But after reading the other blogs, I realised mine's not exactly realistic. Oh well.. but it's definitely a box full of stuff I would LOVE to have. =P

lyn said...

Oooh, yes, yes and yes! Don't worry about it not being realistic, mine isn't as well.

toughcookie said...

haha i was thinking that if i were to subscribe to all evurl girls beauty boxes, i would have so many ANRs!! and it's good!

vanaja said...

Nice post.

Janine@Salon said...

Heya ladies... Everyone's having fun here sharing what's on their beauty boxes.. Ok, so here's mine :

True Match Foundation by L'Oreal Paris
Chubby Stick by Clinique
BB Cream by Skinfood
M.A.C Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo)
YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15
Guerlain Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer Face and Décolleté