June 11, 2012

Organic de-puffer: Esmeria's Eye Gels

I was sent these two tubes for review nearly a year ago, but have held off reviewing them since I found them a little too dry in winter. Now summer's hit though these lightweight gels are perfect!

I've been using Esmeria Organics Ultimate 5-Effect Eye Gel for All Skin Types for day and their Ultimate 5-Repair Eye Gel for mature skin at nights as I find it the more emollient of the two. As the days get steadily more humid however I will probably just stick to the 5-Effect Eye Gel.

Both these gels are clear, light and runny and have a pleasant floral scent. 5-Effect is more of a floral blend while 5-Repair is distinctly rosy. 

Although I've been using these gels steadily for about two months now I can't tell you if they're any good at decreasing lines - not having any yet (touchwood) but I can say that they are nearly as good as Clinique's All About Eyes when it comes to depuffing.

The gels always feel fresh and wet when applied in the morning and quickly dry with a slight tightening sensation - which probably helps with getting rid of those eye bags. 

If you do your research you'll see that nothing topical can shift dark eye circles so don't expect that these will either. 

Esmeria Organics is an Eco-Cert certified company which also owns the Buds Baby and Buds Kids line of products. They are cruelty free and pride themselves on being environmentally friendly. 

Active ingredients
Ultimate 5-Repair Eye Gel For Mature Skin
Arctic Pseudoalteromonas ferment and Bidens Pilosa extracts to boost collagen and elastin synthesis

Ultimate 5-Effect Eye Gel For All Skin Types

Brazilian Ginseng for circulation and as an anti-inflammatory, marapuama as an antioxident and White Lilly as an anti-carcinogenic and anti-fungal. 

I'd definitely repurchase the 5-Effect gel at RM49.90 in for the summer months as scent and daily-performance wise it's ever so slightly my favourite. 5-Repair retails for RM59.90 for a 15ml tube. The brand can be a little hard to locate so it's a case of buy it when you see it. 

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