June 13, 2012

Take the Day Off with Clinique's Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk

I just threw this into the bin last night when I realised, "Crap, I haven't photographed this for review!"

Don't mix this up with Clinique's Take the Day Off Makeup Remover. Makeup remover. Cleansing milk. There is a difference between the two.For one, you wouldn't want to get this in your eyes. Clinique's Cleansing Milk contains something minty (binned the product box too, sorry) which smells quite refreshing, tingles on the skin and stings the eyes. I am generally not a fan of tingling cleansers as my skin can be quite sensitive but this doesn't give me rashes or leave my skin feeling too irritated.

As this is a milk rather than a cleansing cream, I found that my 200ml bottle went a really long way. I mean, over 6 months of nearly daily use? Score. You could probably make this stretch even longer if you stick using a conservative 2-3 pumps a day. I was trying so hard to finish this towards the end, I found myself using 6-8 pumps and it still. would. not. finish.

Full marks for the packaging, by the way. The purple bottle is pleasant to look at, the plastic is very durable (lost count of how many times I have dropped this on the floor) and the pump is excellent. It really lets you control how much to use and it feels sturdy, unlike some wobbly ones you get. In hindsight, I shouldn't have thrown the bottle away. *looks at dustbin*

Maybe not.

But how does it perform? Not too bad, I must say. It does get all of your foundation off at the end of the day, depending on what foundation I am using. Dr Perricone and Bobbi Brown comes off with one round of cleansing, followed with Cetaphil right after. Longer lasting foundations like Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum  takes more work as I really have to massage it in and to use the milk cleanser twice to make sure that everything gets removed or I would end up with spots all over my face.

My only grouse with this product is that it doesn't leave my skin feeling clean. I do know that you can't expect the same results as foaming cleansers, but there are other cream cleansers which leave my skin feeling clean. Clinique's Take the Day Off leaves my skin feeling rather ick.

To repurchase or not to repurchase? Hmm... Clinique's Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk is not a bad product but there are other products out there that perform just as well, if not better. And at a lower price too.

Go ahead and try this out at the counter but I am probably going to give this one a miss if it comes my way again.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk retails for AUD 45 and around RM 100 in Malaysia.


MisSmall said...

Maybe use it after a cleansing oil or the Take the Day Off Makeup Remover?

Eli said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I do use a separate eye makeup remover and I don't use cleansing oils as they usually break me out though. Cleansing milk is more of a first step (or second after makeup remover?) in my cleansing routine so the ick grime is washed off after.

Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy this as well. I'm using 5 pumps but it really lasted more than 6 months of daily use.