August 03, 2012

Sleek MakeUP Glory Palette ~

'Tis the Olympic season again, and everyone's going for gold. Including Sleek MakeUP, with their Glory palette.

So without further ado, let's dive in.

Since I was first introduced to Sleek MakeUP, their eyeshadow palettes have always held a special place in my heart. Compact and sleek, I love them as they're so easy to pack and go.

This palette is no different. The Glory palette houses 12 shades reflecting the Olympics (gold, silver and bronze) and its host country - Great Britain. And when you think of London, your thoughts really can't stray far from its Underground stations. The colours do correspond to the tube lines!

(The first two names on the top right are Tube and Overground. Click on the photo for a better look!)

The Glory palette comes with quite a good mix, as far as colours go. On the top row, the shades lean towards the neutrals, while the bottom half gives you a splash of colours.

As always, Sleek MakeUP's eyeshadows have no problem pigment-wise. In the past, I've always felt that their shimmer shades are better than their matte ones but in this palette, they seem to work alright.

On to the swatches then.

From left: Tube (shimmery pale gold), Overground (shimmery champagne) and Bakerloo (shimmery bronze).

From left: Jubilee (shimmery silver), Platform (matte light grey) and Northern (shimmery deep blue-grey).

From left: District (shimmery bright green), Hammersmith & City (shimmery pink, almost fuchsia), and Picadilly (shimmery dark blue).

From left: Circle (shimmery yellow), Victoria (shimmery bright blue) and Central (matte warm red).

My colour descriptions aren't the best, so do pardon me.

As a whole, for USD9.90, I think it's a rather decent buy. Personally though, I'm a neutral girl through and through (love this palette), so I doubt I would have purchased this on my own. If you're one for bright colours though, this should be right up your alley.

What about you? Is the Glory palette for you?

Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

Note: This palette was provided for review.


Kahani said...

Not one for me either but kudos to them for connecting makeup with an event where only the gymnasts wear any!

100% Jade said...

where can you buy Sleek's product in Malaysia?

Kahani said...

Only online Jade, the link's in the article. =)