September 10, 2012

Beauty chat: Rediscovering old loves

I've been sighing and shaking my head at myself. 

It beats me why -  when I KNOW something works, have even raved about it in the past - I'd just sort of forget about things that work and stop using them. 

Perhaps its because they became such basic and intrinsic parts of my beauty routine that I sort of forgot what they did, took them for granted, neglected them... and skin paid for it. 

Take for example, Neutrogena's Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. It wasn't readily available in Hong Kong when I arrived so I just shrugged and did without. Well on a recent trip back to Malaysia I toted a tube back to HK with me (I had one sort of just sitting around) and dear goodness. My skin's been keeping clear up, my scars fading, it feels smoother, makeup goes on better... WHY did I ever think I could live without this?

Thank goodness that before I go into a full-scale panic attack about the lack of this baby in Hong Kong, they launched it! It's now in every Watsons and Mannings praise the skincare gods. 

Even worse is when you've had the necessary item all along but got lazy about using it. I figured, since I set my liquid foundation with ZA's 2-Way Whitening Foundation, I could skip using my loose powder of choice: MUFE's Super Mat. How laughably wrong I was. 

You see, powder foundation is STILL foundation, and could do with some setting if you're as oily as I am and break a sweat every morning huffing and puffing up a hill to work. When I set my foundation with the loose powder - on sheer impulse - I found my makeup lasted longer, the oilies stayed away and when I blotted the sweat from my brow there was next to no makeup transfer.

Thing is, I knew all this already! How could I forget??

Oh and a light dusting of this powder over cream shadows sets them like iron even on impossibly oily skin like mine. 

Finally I solemnly promise my poor poor cuticles that I will never let myself run out of Marks & Spencer's Grapefruit Hand & Body lotion again! I ran out both at home and at work but decided to make do with tubes of Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream and TBS Body Butter but it seems either there's something magical about M&S's formula... or the cheapie goodness combined with a handy pump bottle makes me use it more frequently because yesterday, after a month of this, my cuticles started bleeding.

I tore out at lunch hour and bought two bottles of the Grapefruit hand lotion for work and for home AND a tube of hand lotion for my handbag - just for good measure. 

Say NO to bloody cuticles. It works. It's cheap. I'm not budging no more!

What about you, ladies? Have you rediscovered something lately that has made you kick yourself and groan "WHY did I stop using this? Why?"


rinnah said...

You know, when you blog like this... I suddenly find new lemmings. Need to go and start using my Deep Clean scrub again!

Kahani said...

Go forth and gently exfoliate!

Annette said...

This only happened when I ditched diy vitamin c in favor for jam-packed-with-goodies skin actives let's make collagen serum. I mean, the ingredient list is so long! And my diy version consists of l-ascorbic acid, rose water, glycerine and hyaluronic acid. That's it. But my sensitive skin doesn’t like the fancy stuff.... No, it likes my diy version better. When I used let's make collagen, bumps and pimples broke out and skin became irritated. But I switched back and tada.... Skin became crystal clear again!

Kahani said...

Ooh do you have a recipe for that serum you make somewhere?

Or would you like to share it on So Loverly?

kuri said...

This often happens to me - I am always searching for something better, but frequently my old favorites work the best.

Min said...

Hey so sorry for irrelevant topic,I'm going to HongKong this December?where is the must-go places to shop for beauty product? :D

Kahani said...

Hey Min, no worries. I've actually written an article on this last year, hope it helps!