October 29, 2012

The trick to Lisa Eldridge's concealer "airbrush technique" for silicone-free products

When I first saw Lisa Eldridge use, and recommend a tiny eyeliner brush for pinpoint concealing of blemishes I desperately wanted to make it work for me.

Who wouldn't want "airbrushed skin" after all?

But despite doing my best to replicate her technique, and even finding a tiny Pupa concealer brush (the little silver one in the picture), it never quite worked for me. The concealer would go on cakey and if I tried to blend it out, it'd just rub off.

My theory is that Lisa uses products that have silicone which makes blending a whole lot easier. My silicone-free concealer on silicone-free foundation however was having a much harder time of it.

Then one morning, I remembered a tip I heard once somewhere long ago, from a makeup artist video which I can't quite remember right now. It said that "The lighter a hand you use to apply your makeup, the better it looks". 

In desperation (I had an awfully stubborn blemish) I saturated the tiny little brush in my concealer and set about applying it with the lightest strokes I could. I could barely feel it touching my skin and like magic, the blemish started disappearing before my eyes. 

I gently pat it with my ring finger, again very lightly, dusted some loose powder over it with a tapered eyeshade brush and voila! It was the best concealing job I've EVER done.

Since then I've adapted the method for all concealing, not just pinpoint. Using the pictured Sigma brush I swirl it around in the concealer then feather it onto my skin with the lightest strokes possible.

It's like magic I tell you.

If you've been struggling to get your concealer looking right, I suggest you give this method a go!


Askmewhats said...

YES! I agree with you! Super light, super feather-like stroke is the key to good concealing! I used to dab with pressure and everything else just gets messed up!

Kahani said...

*high-fives Nikki!*

grl.li said...

Fantastic tip, thank you!

Kahani said...

@grl.li, thank you!