November 05, 2012

Dry shampoo roundup: Klorane, Lush, Suave

(L-R) Klorane, Lush, Suave
So you ladies know my love for Batiste, but I've been making a few dry shampoo discoveries since then. Here's a quick review of three more dry shampoos:

Klorane - expensive and worth every penny
This version is Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle for oily hair and boy does it ever perform. It's invisible, gives great volume and turns greasy hair into freshly washed shiny bouncy locks - which will last about 24 hours believe it or not. It's scent is fresh and it's paraben-free. Love!
It IS pricey though so if you swing by France stock up on these babies. They're about 8 Euros there and double the price in Hong Kong at HKD169. But if I run out I will totally repurchase at that price, it's that good.  

I save this for days when I know I'm going to have to look great after work. 

Check out Eli's review of the Oat Milk version for normal - dry hair. 

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo - Smells great, performs... not so great. 
This was a major disappointment for me. I picked it up because it smells of grapefruit (duh!) is silicone free and doesn't come in an aerosol can making it plane-friendly. 
BUT, it's awful to brush out of dark hair as it's very white, it's heavy and it doesn't LAST. My hair's greasy again in a few hours! Plus, the dispenser's awful, always use it on your hands first then run it through your hair - even then, it'l be messy. Even worse, it's expensive at HKD130 - you do get a massive amount with 115g.

I'm using this right now, very lightly, on clean hair that needs some texture. 

Suave Professional Dry Shampoo - Very transparent, doesn't last all day, smells delish, cheap

This is probably my cheapie-fave, beating Bastiste. At HKD40 from Fanda it won't break the bank and unlike Batiste, it's very translucent - even with light brushing, it won't show up on dark hair. It's not the longest lasting though - your hair will be rather greasy again by the end of the work day, but it's often enough for the 8 hours or so you need to look presentable. It's also awesome for adding volume and texture to clean hair. Oh and it smells of sweet peaches. Yum. 

I use this on normal days when I skip the morning hair wash and just-because days. 


sawpo said...

Always trust your recommendations & looking forward to more great reviews. And I'm definitely going to get the Klorane dry shampoo when I'm in France. Cheers!

Kahani said...

@sawpo thanks, it's so lovely of you to say that. Totally stock up, next time I go back I'm buying so much the airport authorities will be suspicious!

Karina said...

The Lush one is just terrible! I always end up with white residue in my part line that won't budge and my hair still feels horrible and dirty. Disappointing because I wanted a good cruelty free and silicone free dry shampoo :( the search continues!